KeyFlow Pro 2 review

Media Asset Management application KeyFlow Pro 2 has been released. It has several new features, such as the capability to import transcript files as notes into Annotations, manual database backup and synchronisation support, and the ability to recreate a preview video with different resolutions and bitrates.

KeyFlow Pro 2 uses a new library format, so if you have an older one than a library created or maintained by KeyFlow Pro 1.8.5, you’re advised to first update your old version to 1.8.5 and have it update the library. That way, you’re good to go with version 2 with no problems or delays whatsoever. I noticed there’s a performance benefit to that update too.

First things first: KeyFlow Pro 2 comes with more affordable pricing. The basic version gives you a single-user licence for $49.99, with plans that scale up to workgroups for $149. Upgrading is easy as it’s an in-app purchase. Another minor improvement is the user interface. I already found that one very pleasing, but the developers have managed to make it even more modern, with flat icons.

The major reasons why you would consider upgrading in the first place, however, is the ability to import transcript files into annotations inside KeyFlow Pro. For that purpose, the app supports Final Cut Pro XML and SRT (SubRip) files. A close second is that you can now recreate preview clips with another resolution and bitrate. I tried it and it’s very easy. It requires a trip to the Preferences, but you can have high-quality previews now, as well as really low-quality, small files. The codec used for the previews is AVC.

Also a must-have is the ability to restart preview generation jobs that failed during import. This feature supports batch processing. Automatic database backup existed before, but now we also have support for manual backup and synchronisation. Finally, you can now sort by Disk Label and instantly see your Online or Offline status in List View.