Yet another photo editor: Luminar

Macphun develops Aurora HDR 2017, the best HDR app currently on the market. It just released Luminar, a photo editor that resembles Aurora HDR’s interface. However, it is less feature rich and falls short in some areas, although it is easy to use.

Time lapse and sensor-trigger your camera with a Triggertrap iOS app

Using an iOS device to trigger your dSLR or system camera’s shutter, aperture and exposure is a tempting idea but it’s not straightforward to implement. The experiences I had with the Triggertrap Mobile and Triggertrap Timelapse Pro were mixed. Some features work well, others much less. Triggertrap Mobile lets you use an iPhone or iPad as a control device that allows you to press the shutter button, create timelapses, HDR image series, bulb ramping, and sensor-driven photos.

Aurora HDR 2017; A review

Since its first version, Aurora HDR has been a huge success for Macphun. Aurora HDR 2017 is the second version to be released. It has new features, such as a polariser filter and a batch mode. Its tone mapping algorithm has been improved and other improvements are scattered throughout the application. It’s now more than ever the golden standard of HDR photography.

Rogue Super Soft Silver and White Grid insert make for softer light effects

ExpoImaging’s Rogue brand has just been updated with four new products. The 32in Rogue 2-in-1 collapsible reflector and FlashBender 2 XL Pro Super Soft Silver are aimed at delivering softer light effects. They’re great for portraits. The white grid insert adds a nice halo effect to the light circle your 3-in-1 honeycomb grid creates. Finally, a new battery pouch helps you organise your freshly charged and drained batteries while on the go.

Colour profiling your camera the easy and accurate way: basICColor input

Creating a colour profile for your camera isn’t easy. It requires a careful light setup and a new profile for every different lighting situation. A scanner profile is easier to create because the scanner lamp always lights the medium evenly. If it doesn’t, you’re dealing with a broken scanner or a very low-quality device. The basis for the calculation of a camera/scanner profile is the comparison of measured data from the profiling target and the RGB values of the patches from the image or scan. X-Rite’s i1Profiler has a scanner module, but not a camera profiling setup. A new app from a respected colour management expert is basICColor input.

Four ways to geotag untagged images with Smart GPS Sync

What if you have an iPhone — which has GPS built-in — but you take most of your pictures using a dSLR without GPS capabilities? Or even more shockingly: you don’t have GPS at all to geotag your photos? Until now, you were either “old” or an oddball, but that may change with Picture Instruments’ newest app, Smart GPS Sync.

KeyFlow Pro 1.2 Media Asset Manager delivers the goods

After the team that developed KeyFlow Pro, the single-user-to-small-workgroup Media Asset Management (MAM), released the first update that included expanded metadata and better search capabilities, they have now released a second free update. The new version has a whole range of improvements and new features. These turn KeyFlow Pro into a real MAM, with a healthy emphasis on video.