PDF Expert for Mac, your best option to edit PDFs without risking a heart attack

If you have ever had to edit a PDF, you know what a pain that can be. Even with Adobe’s own Acrobat Pro or DC application, changing a font or editing an image in a PDF file isn’t very easy or simple. Much to my surprise when I downloaded PDF Expert from Readdle, this app seemed to offer a far more user-friendly interface than Acrobat when it comes to PDF editing. I soon found out it’s powerful too.

DEVONthink 2 Go

DEVONtechnologies developed a complete freeform database ecosystem. DEVONthink Go 2 is the iOS app that synchronises with the more powerful computer-based DEVONthink Pro application. DEVONthink Go 2 is a richly featured app by itself, but it really shines in tandem with the Mac version.

2Do task manager for Mac and iOS

In the pursuit of task managers done right, I investigated several applications, starting with OmniFocus. I went on trying out Things and The Hit List and today I am reviewing 2Do, the last of the task managers I found to run on the Apple platforms. Ironically, the last also proved to be the best.

Brydge Keyboard for iPad Air 2

The Brydge Air is the most user-friendly and best typing keyboard for an iPad Air 2 or an iPad Air on the market. This keyboard turns your iPad in a true mini notebook, complete with backlit keys and the Mac-like shortcuts like the Command-Tab key combination to switch apps.

Ulysses 2.5

Ulysses 2.5 was released on March the 8th. For iOS, Ulysses comes as a universal app for iPhone, iPad and iPad Pro. For owners of the predecessor — Ulysses for iPad — the new version comes as a free update.