SketchBook Pro 8 understands the potato you drew is actually an ellipse

SketchBook Pro users enjoy a whole year of improvements and new features even, for a price of about €30/year. A few months ago, Autodesk’s sketch app was upgraded to version 8, which comes with textured brushes, a new predictive stroke and direct access to brush libraries created by leading professionals. I checked out if the new stuff is worth the subscription money.

Ulysses 2.8 adds strong security, negative filtering and more

Sometimes even the most hard-line Mac enthusiast wonders what Apple must be thinking when users are ignored when they ask for a new feature or complain about something that doesn’t work quite well. But when Apple Mac/iOS app editors award an app the App of the Year Award, everyone knows that app must be something worth taking a look at. Ulysses, The Soulmen’s Markdown app that is available on the macOS and iOS platform, has won these awards multiple times. And version 2.8 has just been announced.

PDF Expert for Mac, your best option to edit PDFs without risking a heart attack

If you have ever had to edit a PDF, you know what a pain that can be. Even with Adobe's own Acrobat Pro or DC application, changing a font or editing an image in a PDF file isn't very easy or simple. Much to my surprise when I downloaded PDF Expert from Readdle, this app seemed to offer a far more user-friendly interface than Acrobat when it comes to PDF editing. I soon found out it's powerful too.

DEVONthink 2 Go

DEVONtechnologies developed a complete freeform database ecosystem. DEVONthink Go 2 is the iOS app that synchronises with the more powerful computer-based DEVONthink Pro application. DEVONthink Go 2 is a richly featured app by itself, but it really shines in tandem with the Mac version.

2Do task manager for Mac and iOS

In the pursuit of task managers done right, I investigated several applications, starting with OmniFocus. I went on trying out Things and The Hit List and today I am reviewing 2Do, the last of the task managers I found to run on the Apple platforms. Ironically, the last also proved to be the best.

Brydge Keyboard for iPad Air 2

The Brydge Air is the most user-friendly and best typing keyboard for an iPad Air 2 or an iPad Air on the market. This keyboard turns your iPad in a true mini notebook, complete with backlit keys and the Mac-like shortcuts like the Command-Tab key combination to switch apps.