Suitcase Fusion 8 has clean design, is still the font manager to beat for macOS

Suitcase Fusion 8

To manage your fonts on a macOS system, there's no better tool than Suitcase Fusion. Apple's own FontBook is a bit on the skinny side and other font managers all fail in some areas. Suitcase Fusion has proven its robustness and value for managing thousands of fonts, supporting your legal duties towards licensing and your design needs.


Ulysses makes it to age 12 and adds great new functionality

Ulysses app

OK, so you want to write in Markdown or you just want to write without having to think twice about where your documents are located. Perhaps you’re a technical writer and a freelance copy-editor, like me, and you need to quickly edit DOCX, RTF and TXT files from other authors. Whatever your usage scenario may …

Elgato Eve Degree is a cute indoors/outdoors temperature/humidity/air pressure monitor

The Elgato EVE family of products has been expanded with a new, beautifully designed temperature and humidity monitor. Its rounded square design, aluminium bezel and black glossy face make it an asset to anyone even remotely interested in contemporary design. It’s efficient too, showing you the temperature and humidity on its LCD screen. As a bonus, you can also see and record the air pressure in the iOS EVE app.

Award-winning potential with IK Multimedia Lurssen Mastering Console

Suites for mastering audio exist in all shapes and forms. IK Multimedia developed a mastering suite together with Gavin Lurssen, the owner of a multiple Grammy award winning mastering studio. It looks exactly like the real thing and is based on Lurssen's studio equipment. The app annexe DAW plug-in incorporates the best practices of the studio.

SketchBook Pro 8 understands the potato you drew is actually an ellipse

SketchBook Pro users enjoy a whole year of improvements and new features even, for a price of about €30/year. A few months ago, Autodesk’s sketch app was upgraded to version 8, which comes with textured brushes, a new predictive stroke and direct access to brush libraries created by leading professionals. I checked out if the new stuff is worth the subscription money.

Ulysses 2.8 adds strong security, negative filtering and more

Sometimes even the most hard-line Mac enthusiast wonders what Apple must be thinking when users are ignored when they ask for a new feature or complain about something that doesn’t work quite well. But when Apple Mac/iOS app editors award an app the App of the Year Award, everyone knows that app must be something worth taking a look at. Ulysses, The Soulmen’s Markdown app that is available on the macOS and iOS platform, has won these awards multiple times. And version 2.8 has just been announced.

PDF Expert for Mac, your best option to edit PDFs without risking a heart attack

If you have ever had to edit a PDF, you know what a pain that can be. Even with Adobe's own Acrobat Pro or DC application, changing a font or editing an image in a PDF file isn't very easy or simple. Much to my surprise when I downloaded PDF Expert from Readdle, this app seemed to offer a far more user-friendly interface than Acrobat when it comes to PDF editing. I soon found out it's powerful too.