How good is your video camera slider at steady slow speeds? One simple way to find out

Rhino Motion mounting on the slider

What good is a video camera slider if it can’t provide rock-solid motion, with no vibrations? And if it does, what can you do about it? By accident I found out there are circumstances the Rhino slider EVO Carbon with its Motion motor creates footage that makes your zoomed-in subject look like a Parkinson patient. This …

Simple but complete Guide to using the Hahnel Captur Module Pro (2)

In this tutorial you’re going to learn how to use the Hahnel Captur Module Pro and all of its capabilities. Before we start, you should also have a Captur Remote Control set with a Transmitter that is put in Digital Channel Matching mode with at least one Receiver. In addition, you should put your Captur Module Pro in Digital Channel Matching (DCM) mode with at least one other Captur Receiver.

Simple Guide to using the Hahnel Captur Remote Control

Captur Module Pro

With the Hahnel Captur Remote Control you can control a camera or a group of photographic flashlights. The Captur Remote Control is the basic part of a bigger system that includes sensor triggers and intervalometers. This tutorial discusses how to use the Hahnel Captur Remote Control to its full extend and is the first of a series of two. The next tutorial covers the Hahnel Captur Module Pro.

How to use your GoPro HERO3+ skilfully and dazzle your audience

HERO4 Black

Your GoPro HERO3/3+/4 Black Action Camera is quite a capable camera. How you make the most of it for any type of movie to look perfect, depends on how you set it up. The secret here is to tap into the best quality the sensor and electronics are capable of. This tutorial is based on my experience with GoPro cameras from the HERO2 to the HERO3+, and takes you through the most important settings and issues.

Merlin Project tutorials — the basics: Attachments 2


In the previous article we covered the various ways to enrich your project activities with information, files, etc. In Part II we’ll cover every Attachment in detail. We’ll start with Checklists, Events, Files and Information. In Part III we’ll delve deeper into Issues and Risks.

Merlin Project tutorials — the basics: Attachments 1

detail view

Every project has issues and comes with risks. Just as often, you will find yourself in need of associating checklists, events or files with activities. Meet Attachments, a feature unique to Merlin Project. Attachments are management features that won’t change the duration or timing of a project, but that bear much needed information about an activity. Compare them to e-mail attachments in Apple Mail. In Merlin Project, they can be checklists, calendar events, files, risks and issues, and information. You can have Merlin Project show you these Attachments in a dynamic secondary View.

Merlin Project tutorials — the basics: Viewing MS Project files

MPP project file

Merlin Project can be used as a free Microsoft Project Viewer application. Normally, you can’t read Microsoft Project files on the Mac, but with Merlin Project you can. Merlin Project, with all its project management features fully available, is the only app on the Mac that allows you to view Microsoft Project files. Alternatively, you can try out Merlin Project for 30 days and leave it on your system afterwards — it will automatically turn into read-only mode. And if you only want to view project files, both Microsoft Project and Merlin Project files, all you need to do is select “Use without License” in the Welcome screen.