ScreenFlow 9.0 adds NLE features and multi-screen capabilities

ScreenFlow 9 is a major upgrade to Telestream’s screen capture app for macOS. It’s fully Catalina compatible and has a slew of new features that enable you to create a complete videocast and/or screencast without having to jump back and forth between ScreenFlow and your NLE. Version 9 has multiscreen recording, a Timeline Tools palette and a clip editor, and it comes with the ability to use automatically generated proxies. There are also new controls for the radar click effect and some major performance improvements. Telestream included a trial subscription to their stock images and videos service.

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How to become a professional artist/illustrator

How do you become a professional artist in an age where almost everything we do is challenged by AI-driven generators, filters and what else is there? “Professional” means that you can live at least partly from what you create. If we hold on to that definition of the word, there are many categories of visual artists with some of them earning a lot more than others, so the first thing to decide when you’re thinking about making a career out of art is why you’re doing it and what you’re willing to sacrifice.


Protecting / encrypting your Agenda notes: a workaround

The popular Agenda app for macOS and iOS devices lacks a privacy protection system. Browsing through Agenda’s user forum, I found quite a large number of people who want to use the app but refrain from doing so because of the lack of protection.


Clip Studio Paint EX, the app of choice for animators, manga artists and illustrators

Clip Studio Paint EX is the most complete suite of drawing and painting tools available from Celsys in Japan. It’s perceived as the biggest competitor of Corel Painter. Both these apps were designed for creators who love to draw and paint with a brush feel that comes close to the real-world thing, but Clip Studio is also a complete comic strip and animation creations tool.


Q: Is Agenda a journal, a calendar, a task manager? A: It’s all of that.

Often apps that perform many different tasks ultimately perform none brilliantly. Once in a while, though, there comes along a developer who has a vision, creates and sells an app, listens to its users and succeeds in making that app a powerhouse without losing focus.


Geotagging in every conceivable way, with perks: HoudahGeo 5

HoudahGeo 5 is a geolocation app for photos. It has several features that allow you to tag your images with geographical metadata in a number of ways – no GPS tracker needed, even. And it has a helpful interface.

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Ulysses 15 adds image resizing, 5 support, side-by-side editors and more

I thought I’d share this slightly off-topic news with you: my favourite text editor is soon to be upgraded again. Version 15 has a lot of new goodies, such as full support for WordPress 5, keyword filtering and a real keywords manager, and web image previews.

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The importance of framing your shots

Camera framing is important. Framing can be used as a powerful means to an end in creating trustworthy or fake news. Not seldom is there a discrepancy between what you think is worth framing for maximum effect and what really counts.

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Off-Topic: Finally, a worthy astrology app for macOS

I have a hobby that may surprise people and simultaneously make them think I’m bonkers… I love dabbling in astrology. I know, most people will say it’s rubbish, but I’ve erected enough astrology charts to think Hamlet was right when he said: “There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, than are dreamt of in our philosophy.” I used to be a Kairon user, software developed by an Austrian astrologer/programmer who stopped updating the macOS application a few years ago. Then I started using iPhemeris on the iPad by Clifford Ribaudo, but that software gets updated very occasionally and you Ribaudo hides behind an alleged Apple bug in iOS that prevents users from exporting complete charts and tables. But in the week between Christmas and New Year I’ve found a macOS/iOS/Android software that might be the astrology app Mac users have been craving for a long time. It’s Astro Gold and it’s been developed by the same people who made Solar Fire the industry standard on Windows PCs. So, although it’s off-topic, here’s a review of Astro Gold.

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ScreenFlow 8, the biggest upgrade ever

ScreenFlow 8 is a paid upgrade and it’s a big upgrade. Telestream has made ScreenFlow a more professional video editing tool with a detachable timeline and track thumbnails. It’s faster and has time-saving templates and styles that resemble Photoshop more than it does a NLE. And it comes with a subscription-based royalty-free stock media library that has video clips, backgrounds and audio tracks.