ScreenFlow 9.0 adds NLE features and multi-screen capabilities

ScreenFlow 9 is a major upgrade to Telestream’s screen capture app for macOS. It’s fully Catalina compatible and has a slew of new features that enable you to create a complete videocast and/or screencast without having to jump back and forth between ScreenFlow and your NLE. Version 9 has multiscreen recording, a Timeline Tools palette and a clip editor, and it comes with the ability to use automatically generated proxies. There are also new controls for the radar click effect and some major performance improvements. Telestream included a trial subscription to their stock images and videos service.… Read More ScreenFlow 9.0 adds NLE features and multi-screen capabilities

Clip Studio Paint EX, the app of choice for animators, manga artists and illustrators

Clip Studio Paint EX is the most complete suite of drawing and painting tools available from Celsys in Japan. It’s perceived as the biggest competitor of Corel Painter. Both these apps were designed for creators who love to draw and paint with a brush feel that comes close to the real-world thing, but Clip Studio is also a complete comic strip and animation creations tool.… Read More Clip Studio Paint EX, the app of choice for animators, manga artists and illustrators

OmniOutliner 5 Pro

An outliner, who needs them these days with iOS apps that let you write anything from free text to outlines with a stylus? Well, if you’re someone who likes to get some order in the chaos of his mind, there’s more to outlining than adding words with a checkbox in front of, or indenting lines of text. In fact, if you’ve tried OmniOutliner Pro you’ll realise it can help you organise even relatively complex projects.… Read More OmniOutliner 5 Pro

StoryBoard Artist 7 review

A movie that has a story to tell — in contrast with most Youtube movies, that don’t get any further than the videoclip stage — needs to be planned ahead. It requires a written story that tells where each character will be at any specific time, the design of the rooms, the location, etc. To sell the movie to a producer or even at a later stage, it helps if a storyboard exists. A storyboard usually shows an animated timeline translating the script so people can have a better idea as to what the movie will look like. StoryBoard Artist 7 is a storyboard application specifically developed for movies.… Read More StoryBoard Artist 7 review