Offloading app Hedge 18.1 adds more flexibility, remains simple and speedy

Hedge for Mac/Windows, the fast offloading app, has been updated – or rather, upgraded – to version 18.1. Hedge now offers Fast Lane on Windows machines as well, but far more interesting fro anyone using Macs instead, is the ability of Hedge to offload anything to anything. It’s what the company calls a car wash concept.

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Workflow to make the audio for your movie sound the best with iZotope RX 6 and Ozone 8

If you are recording audio separately when shooting a documentary, interview or movie, chances are you’ll not only have to synchronise it with the footage but also edit your audio to make it sound perfect in post production. The two apps I use for this are the iZotope RX 6 Advanced Audio Editor and the […]


IK Multimedia iRig Pre HD is a good and inexpensive mic pre-amp

A microphone pre-amp is meant to amplify your mic’s signal, not to introduce its own noise and artefacts into the recorded results. You need a mic pre because your microphone has a signal that’s too weak to be captured by a recorder. A preamplifier boosts the signal to a standard line level, which all recorders […]

Photography Reviews

DxO Photolab review

DxO acquired Nik Software’s assets, including U Point technology, integrated it with DxO Optics Pro, added a new repair tool for good measure, and renamed its flagship RAW editor to [DxO Photolab]( The result is an editor that’s closer to Adobe Lightroom or Phase One’s Capture One Pro in terms of features than its predecessor.

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Verbatim and the M-DISC 100GB BDXL

Verbatim is the only manufacturer of optical media that makes dependable media. Even as they’re well over a decade old, their Archival Grade recordable DVDs and their recordable Blu-ray discs can still be burned and read without a glitch. I tested their M-DISC Blu-Ray disc that can hold a whopping 100GB.

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24-bit/96kHz recordings with the iRig Pro I/O mobile audio/MIDI interface

The iRig Pro I/O is the successor of the iRig Pro. It’s slightly bigger but offers higher specs and more professional capabilities, including headphones monitoring and a dedicated power supply that charges your iPad while recording.

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Preparing your Atomos Master caddies for easier and quicker removal from a Shogun/Ninja Flame/Inferno

Atomos’ latest Ninja and Shogun monitor/recorders are pretty awesome, but if there’s one thing the company should work on it’s the way you have to remove your master caddies from the recorder. I can relate to the need for the caddy to sit really tight when recording, but they should be made in such a way that you don’t have to press so hard you risk damaging the top surface when trying to pry them from the unit.

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iZotope RX 6 Advanced, the biggest upgrade ever

iZotope’s RX audio editor was upgraded and released last week. It repairs, restores and enhances audio and is frequently used to fix sub-par audio in post-production. With nine new features included, version 6 is the biggest RX upgrade ever.

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Hedge Connect shows when offloads have succeeded

Hedge Connect is the iOS companion app to Hedge. It allows you to receive live notifications about the state of your offloads when working on set. Hedge Connect works with both the free and premium version of Hedge for Mac.

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Kyno, a screening tool for video

Kyno is a tool you can use on a laptop in the field, screening video files while they’re still on recording media. It allows you to create subclips and Excel shot or clip lists, convert clips into editing or delivery formats and send clips to Final Cut Pro X and Premiere Pro.