Editor's Choice 2019 macOS

BBEdit turns 13 and makes Grep a whole lot easier

In human years, BBEdit turns well over 30 and with that age comes wisdom. Lots of it. Besides having become better at following Apple’s luminance schemes, the venerable text editor now offers a vastly simpler way to create Grep patterns, a Grep cheat sheet and the ability to create rectangular selections in documents with Soft Wrap Text set to active.

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How to become a professional artist/illustrator

How do you become a professional artist in an age where almost everything we do is challenged by AI-driven generators, filters and what else is there? “Professional” means that you can live at least partly from what you create. If we hold on to that definition of the word, there are many categories of visual artists with some of them earning a lot more than others, so the first thing to decide when you’re thinking about making a career out of art is why you’re doing it and what you’re willing to sacrifice.


Ulysses 18 is ready for iOS 13 and iPadOS, syncs via Dropbox

Ulysses will receive its 17th update on September 30. Although Ulysses already had its own dark mode and split view, version 18 will support the new iOS 13 Dark Mode as well as the new system Split View on iPad. But, perhaps more importantly, with version 18 you will be able to save your files outside of the app’s library. In the process, Ulysses becomes independent of iCloud for synchronisation as you can now use Dropbox


Affinity Designer and Photo Workbooks Review

Did you know the people at Serif have written, edited and published their own books for learning Affinity Designer and Photo? Well, they have and they’re both excellent books for learning the two apps. At the very least, you should seriously consider them as they contain invaluable information and tear-out cheat sheets.

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How to enter editing dates in Ulysses for macOS the easy way

If you have the Ulysses text editor on your system, you’ll have noticed it doesn’t have an option to show when you’ve last edited a document – sheet in Ulysses jargon. There’s a simple workaround for that.


Adobe will charge your credit card even if you cancelled their trial

It seems Adobe interprets the term “free trial” differently than most people and charges your credit card for the subscription fee even if you cancel the trial after a day or two, deactivate their software and remove it from all your devices.

Editor's Choice 2019 macOS Production

Affinity Publisher is an InDesign killer

Serif, the developers of Affinity Photo and Designer, last week released their much-anticipated publishing app, Affinity Publisher. The new layout design app comes with a good deal of unique and very clever features, including “StudioLink”, an integration system – that re-defines the adjective “seamless” – between Publisher and their Designer and Photo apps.


Q: Is Agenda a journal, a calendar, a task manager? A: It’s all of that.

Often apps that perform many different tasks ultimately perform none brilliantly. Once in a while, though, there comes along a developer who has a vision, creates and sells an app, listens to its users and succeeds in making that app a powerhouse without losing focus.

Editor's Choice 2019 macOS

Review: Typinator 8, the text expander which has the user in mind

My favourite text expander Typinator has reached version 8 and except for its Regex capabilities, its assistant for creating forms to enter variable data in an expansion, its calculation features and its ability to set your cursor where you need it after an expansion, Typinator 8 now also offers usage statistics, literal support for inclusion of the Mac’s modifier keys in abbreviations, and time zone support.


DEVONthink Pro 3 vs Bear app for capturing web pages

DEVONthink Pro 3 comes with a re-designed system-wide extension that lets you grab entire web pages in various formats from any web browser. When you combine it with DEVONthink’s content capabilities you’ll have an extremely powerful research annex information collection tool at your fingertips – much better than Bear app, which I am using now.