Hedge gets Presets

Hedge, the fast video/audio/image file offloading app, has been upgraded with Presets. Presets may not sound like a big deal, but they actually make life a lot easier, especially when you’re dealing with a lot of identically named memory cards and SSDs.… Read More Hedge gets Presets

FCPX Cut Finder review

Alex Raccuglia, the developer of apps like FCPX Diet and AutoDuck has released a new app that finds cuts in footage and either marks them or exports them as FCPX cuts. Appropriately called FCPX Cut Finder, the app costs no more than some 10 Euros and it does a fine job of analysing your video and finding those cuts, saving a lot of time in the process.… Read More FCPX Cut Finder review

Remote colour grading collaboration for Final Cut Pro X users: Color Finale Connect sees the light of day

Color Trix has added a remote collaboration capability to Color Finale, its colour grading plug-in for Final Cut Pro X. The new feature allows a colourist to start a session over a network and/or the Internet with a director, DoP, other editors, an apprentice even. The Connect module will be released as a free public beta for existing Color Finale Pro owners. That will allow users to send their feedback and help shape the technology to better suit their needs. I had the opportunity to run a session between London and Antwerp.… Read More Remote colour grading collaboration for Final Cut Pro X users: Color Finale Connect sees the light of day

X-Rite i1Pro version 3 is faster, more accurate than its predecessors

The redesigned i1Pro 3 spectrophotometer is more accurate and reliable as well as two times faster than its predecessor. The i1Pro 3 is meant to be used by professionals who require accurate color from their printer, display, and projector. The i1Photo Pro 3 set allows photographers to quickly and easily create custom camera, monitor, projector, scanner, and RGB printer profiles.… Read More X-Rite i1Pro version 3 is faster, more accurate than its predecessors

ScreenFlow 9.0 adds NLE features and multi-screen capabilities

ScreenFlow 9 is a major upgrade to Telestream’s screen capture app for macOS. It’s fully Catalina compatible and has a slew of new features that enable you to create a complete videocast and/or screencast without having to jump back and forth between ScreenFlow and your NLE. Version 9 has multiscreen recording, a Timeline Tools palette and a clip editor, and it comes with the ability to use automatically generated proxies. There are also new controls for the radar click effect and some major performance improvements. Telestream included a trial subscription to their stock images and videos service.… Read More ScreenFlow 9.0 adds NLE features and multi-screen capabilities

FxFactory Paragraph Pop: review

If your video is a movie or a documentary on nature, you’ll probably never need to display titles or information snippets, but if you’re a vlogger or someone who creates video for TV programs — e.g. business presentations, urban reporting, human interest, etc. — it’s often a good idea to show information in textual form and for that we most often we use lower thirds or title plug-ins. Most such titles offer very limited space for text and if they do, they look boring and static. StupidRaisins’ Paragraph Pop takes care of all that.… Read More FxFactory Paragraph Pop: review

GoPro Telemetry Extractor Premium

With a HERO8, as with previous GoPro action cams, GPS and other metadata are recorded with the movie you shoot and embedded in the resulting MP4 files. A few years ago, GoPro added the ability to add this telemetric data to its editing app in the form of gauges that you can choose to show as overlays on the resulting movie, but you can’t extract the metadata and use it as you wish from within their app. Unless you buy software like GoPro Telemetry Extractor Premium, which allows you to do pretty much anything you want with a HERO’s metadata.… Read More GoPro Telemetry Extractor Premium