Perfectly Clear 3

I’m not a fan of automatic image enhancement tools, but Perfectly Clear 3 struck me as a Photoshop plug-in that allows for subtle improvements on portraits without making you look like a plastic Barbie doll. It offers a plethora of presets and a full set of controls too.

MasterCheck Pro lets you master for loudness normalised channels

The MasterCheck Pro plug-in analyses loudness for audio that is delivered through loudness normalised channels. It helps mastering loudness normalised audio. Nugen Audio came up with MasterCheck Pro because loudness normalised audio makes it crucially important to understand how your music will reach the consumer. If you do not take this into account, there is a good chance that it will not sound as you originally intended.

Digital Anarchy Samurai Sharpen for Video review

Video footage is often a little soft and sharpening details can make a world of difference. I tested Samurai Sharpen for Final Cut Pro X. This Digital Anarchy plug-in allows you to use parameters that let you easily isolate specific areas of the footage and only sharpen those areas. It's precise and simple.

BetterStabilizer stabilises footage better

Crumplepop has come up with a solution for stabilising footage in post-production. BetterStabilizer works as a Final Cut Pro X and Adobe Premiere Pro plug-in. I tested the Final Cut Pro X plug-in and was impressed with the ease-of-use and the excellent results.

Final Cut Pro X noise reduction plugin Photon Pro as good as Denoiser II

Image noise is detrimental to photographs, but it’s even worse when it occurs in video. Even a bit of noise can ruin your footage. I received Photon Pro, a very inexpensive and simple to use Final Cut Pro X plug-in that claims it removes noise from your footage achieving the same quality as much more expensive “professional” denoising products. That’s a pretty hefty statement, so I decided to compare Photon Pro with the Red Giant Software Denoiser II plug-in in After Effects.