Flashbender v3 review

I imagine many photographers have at least one FlashBender with them at all times as it is a flash light modifier that can direct, soften or diffuse light efficiently, while it’s lightweight enough and foldable to take it with you in your photo bag.… Read More Flashbender v3 review

Nissin MG80 Pro & Air 10s Commander

The Nissin MG80 Pro is a flash with a guide number of 60@200mm. Unique about the MG80 Pro is that it can be powered by four 14500 Li-ion or four AA rechargeable batteries. I tried the Nissin with the 14500 cells. Those deliver a recycling time of 1.2sec, while four NiMH batteries result in a 3.0sec recycle time.… Read More Nissin MG80 Pro & Air 10s Commander