iZotope RX 9 Advanced review

Audio processing has fallen victim to the idea that AI is always going to be better than the human touch. Yet, many AI-based solutions spit out results that are worse than a human expert is capable of achieving. Some aspects of AI combine well with human expertise, though, especially in the audio processing field. Using machine learning algorithms in audio, video and photo processing applications is a good thing, mainly because they leave the editor in charge and increase efficiency. Since a good few versions back, iZotope has relied on machine learning excellence for their RX Audio Editor and the newest version takes it to the next level. I tested RX 9 Advanced to see if it lives up to its promise.… Read More iZotope RX 9 Advanced review

Audirvāna audiophile music player

Audirvana Plus used to be my preferred audiophile music player until Big Sur came along and the app had some small issues. That made me look out for alternatives, but my quest wasn’t a success. And then [Audirvãna Studio] got released and I tried it out and found that it’s even better than its predecessor.… Read More Audirvāna audiophile music player

Hear a difference a cable makes: the SOMMER Cable Epilogue

I am sort of a cable freak, so when I read claims that a cable sounds better because it has a very, very low wire-to-wire capacitance of 35 pF, I simply must know more about it and ideally try it out for myself. And that’s how I got to test a pair of the SOMMER Cable (in some countries sold under the brand name Hicon) microphone cable with the name Epilogue which is wrapped in a bright yellow sheath and fitted out with Neutrik “SATIN” XLR connectors, which have rotated, genuine gold-plated contacts in the male and female versions… Read More Hear a difference a cable makes: the SOMMER Cable Epilogue

Hexeract, a software synth for filmmakers as much as for musicians

I love synthesisers, especially the hybrids that you can create deep rich sounds with based on samples and waveforms like Logic Pro X’s Alchemy. Hexeract is a bit like Alchemy in that it is a very powerful software synth, but it’s much easier and more intuitive to use and allows you to create sounds for any use, such as, of course, music, but also soundscapes, soundtracks and the creation of cinematic atmospheres.… Read More Hexeract, a software synth for filmmakers as much as for musicians