Amaran 100x review

Aputure’s Amaran 100x is a video and photography COB LED lamp that delivers 2470 lux at 2700K and 3400 lux at 6500K and a 1m distance without the Hyper Reflector and has a colour temperature range of 2700-6500K. It’s the colour temperature customisable sibling of the Amaran 100d with the same form factor and the same affordable price. I tested the lamp under several circumstances.… Read More Amaran 100x review

Rogue Soft Silver Reflector review

Rogue Flash Bender’s soft silver reflectors are robust, foldable reflectors with a silver coloured side and a neutral white side. There are two sizes of the round reflectors and one rectangular one. The reflectors come in a handy bag. The quality of build of these reflectors is amazing.… Read More Rogue Soft Silver Reflector review

The Amaran 100d COB LED Fixture fights well above its proverbial weight

The Amaran 100d is a 100 Watt Daylight (CCT 5600K) balanced point-source COB LED fixture with Bowens mount and wireless Bluetooth control via the Sidus Link app. At full power, the light outputs an equivalent of a 750W tungsten light. It features 0% to 100% dimming control and scores a high 95+ TLCI (Television Lighting Consistency Index). The Amaran 100d is made of industrial-grade plastic that reduces the weight of the kit to only 3.4 kilograms, power adapter included. There’s a very, very quiet built-in fan to ensure the LED remains cool.… Read More The Amaran 100d COB LED Fixture fights well above its proverbial weight