Exposure X7 adds very accurate masks, composition guides and more

Exposure X7 was released in the last few days of September. It was worth the wait. The app has a lot of new features, including a new masking tool to make selections by quickly drawing a rough border, customisable editing workspaces, a unified crop and transform interface with composition guides, defective pixel removal for raw photos, more faithful colour reproduction when using custom DCP colour profiles and improved colour fidelity with DNG files. Finally, fine texture noise can be added to recover detail with aggressive noise reduction.… Read More Exposure X7 adds very accurate masks, composition guides and more

DxO PureRAW review

DxO announced PureRAW, its newest application, to the press on March 29, 2021. DxO AI-based PureRAW removes noise, chromatic aberrations, unwanted vignetting, distortion, and insufficient sharpness with an unprecedented level of quality. When a company tells the press its new product can turn any RAW image into a perfect linear DNG that can be further processed in any linear DNG aware image editor, reviewers become suspicious, so I it was with some devilish pleasure I took a pre-release version of PureRAW to the test.… Read More DxO PureRAW review

DxO Photolab 4 review

Every year DxO releases a new version of its flagship product, Photolab. And with every new version come new and improved features. Version 4 is no different and the new features include a new way to organise your workspace, batch renaming, Advanced History, selective copy-paste in batch processing and Instant Watermark. The noise reduction module gains a new setting that is inspired by an AI called DeepPRIME.… Read More DxO Photolab 4 review

DxO releases DxO PhotoLab, the new DxO Optics Pro

DxO, the well known French developer of DxO Optics Pro and the force behind DxOMark, plans to continue development of the Nik Collection, with the current version to remain available for free on DxO’s dedicated website, while a new version is planned for mid-2018. The first results of the acquisition are the inclusion of Nik’s U Point local adjustments solution, in addition to a new Repair tool and improved DxO Lens Sharpness technology. As a result, DxO Optics Pro also gets a new name — DxO PhotoLab — and is expected to be setting a new standard in RAW processing for pro and enthusiast photographers.… Read More DxO releases DxO PhotoLab, the new DxO Optics Pro