KeyCue 8

Yet another cheat sheet for keyboard shortcuts KeyCue 8 is not. It’s an extensible command centre for people who can’t memorise the thousands of shortcuts across applications, who want to add their own and want to access app commands without having to drag the mouse to a menu option.

2Do task manager for Mac and iOS

In the pursuit of task managers done right, I investigated several applications, starting with OmniFocus. I went on trying out Things and The Hit List and today I am reviewing 2Do, the last of the task managers I found to run on the Apple platforms. Ironically, the last also proved to be the best.

Carbon Copy Cloner

Backing up your Mac isn’t something you do for pleasure. It’s a necessity and necessities are seldom fun. But when the day comes your hard disk or Mac gives up, you’ll be happy to have a backup you can start from. That is: if you can start up from your backed up volume in seconds. Chances are that, if you are using Carbon Copy Cloner, you can.