CoreMelt PaintX review

PaintX is a plug-in by CoreMelt that allows you to directly paint onto your footage. That opens possibilities for removing power lines, adding graphics or changing colours and structures from footage, either all of it or on specific frames.… Read More CoreMelt PaintX review

FxFactory Progress Bars v2

Luca Visual FX Progress Bars v2 is a pack of 20 generators and eight effects, including an object tracker. They provide a wide variety of progress, loading, processing bars and rings as well as gauges and hi-tech motion graphics to overlay over any media. It’s distributed by FxFactory.… Read More FxFactory Progress Bars v2

Make video elements really glow with Hawaiki Super Glow

Your average NLE’s built-in glow effects are a bit skinny. Taking Final Cut Pro X as an example, it’s actually not worth dragging the effect to the timeline. A plug-in like Red Giant’s Universe Glow doesn’t add a glow effect around the underlying footage elements; it’s completely independent and has its own merits and use, but it may not always be what you want. Hawaiki’s Super Glow, on the other hand, is a glow effect that “just” adds glow to underlying footage and does so with six “glow sources”. It offers complete control and the result can be simple but also complex.… Read More Make video elements really glow with Hawaiki Super Glow

FxFactory Paragraph Pop: review

If your video is a movie or a documentary on nature, you’ll probably never need to display titles or information snippets, but if you’re a vlogger or someone who creates video for TV programs — e.g. business presentations, urban reporting, human interest, etc. — it’s often a good idea to show information in textual form and for that we most often we use lower thirds or title plug-ins. Most such titles offer very limited space for text and if they do, they look boring and static. StupidRaisins’ Paragraph Pop takes care of all that.… Read More FxFactory Paragraph Pop: review

FxFactory Ripple Tools Complete 2 review

Ripple Tools Complete for Final Cut Pro X promises to give you a full set of effects, most of them based on the title concept of FCP X of which many are trackable. Many effects that you can buy in one plug-in are either so simple you can create them faster using Final Cut Pro X’s built-in tools or so cheesy it hurts your eyes. I’m happy to say neither is the case with Ripple Tools Complete.… Read More FxFactory Ripple Tools Complete 2 review

Clip Studio Paint EX, the app of choice for animators, manga artists and illustrators

Clip Studio Paint EX is the most complete suite of drawing and painting tools available from Celsys in Japan. It’s perceived as the biggest competitor of Corel Painter. Both these apps were designed for creators who love to draw and paint with a brush feel that comes close to the real-world thing, but Clip Studio is also a complete comic strip and animation creations tool.… Read More Clip Studio Paint EX, the app of choice for animators, manga artists and illustrators

Review: DxO NIK Collection 2

DxO recently released a brand new version of NIK Collection. NIK Collection 2 now includes Analog Efex Pro 2, Color Efex Pro 4, Dfine 2, HDR Efex Pro 2, Sharpener Pro 3 Output and Sharpener Pro 3 Raw Presharpening, Silver Efex Pro 2 and Viveza 2. DxO created over 40 new presets, includes U Point local adjustment RAW editing capabilities and adds support for HiDPI displays — which is interesting for Windows users only.… Read More Review: DxO NIK Collection 2