Shogun Flame sets your video projects on fire

shogun flame in the snow

When do you need an external monitor/recorder? I analysed the NLE support for different formats, the difference between various subsampling methods and between 8-bit and 10-bit colour depth, and compared the internal recordings of different cameras with the footage shot with the newest Shogun Flame. My verdict is that it is always better to shoot to a production codec. It saves a lot of post-production time when you edit with Final Cut Pro X or Da Vinci Resolve. The new Atomos Shogun (and Ninja) Flame support all the ProRes and DNxHD output types, are HDR-capable and come with a number of extras not found anywhere else.


Dinkum Systems saves your day in cramped areas

The more I use the Dinkum Systems accessories, the more I get excited about using their gear. I’ve compiled a short list of where the use of these clamps and mounts made working with photography and video equipment easier for me. In some cases, I couldn’t have shot a photo or clip without these clamps/mounts at all.

Eight tools for professional audio recording results for under 1K

NUGEN Audio Post Pack Visualizer

For any type of movie, audio quality is crucial. It doesn’t matter whether you need to record an interview or a concert, the sound must be as good as you can possibly get it. If people are asked about the difference between a professionally created video and the experiment of a dilettante, they invariably find the audio to be the deal breaker. Well recorded sound makes a good movie stand out. Good sound is even more important for videos meant to be played on Youtube or Vimeo.

How to make a basic stabiliser for your GoPro HERO3, HERO3+ or HERO4

ActionPod with cable tie

Keeping your GoPro HERO3/3+/4 steady is no small feat without some sort of a stabilisation platform. You can buy a gyro-driven gimbal, but that’s expensive. A Steadicam Curve is another, less expensive alternative, but what are your options if you’re somewhere you can’t get either of these? If you’re happy enough to have with you a Dinkum Systems 1/4in ActionPod and a nylon cable tie, you can make your own rudimentary stabiliser.

Cling onto your video camera with Dinkum Systems mounting arms and clamps

Dinkum Systems clamp with flash

Dinkum Systems developed flexible mounts, clamps and lens shades for photo and video producers, based on Loc-Line modular hose technology. Loc-Line products were originally applied in the machine tool industry only, but innovative developers like Dinkum Systems expanded the use of this strong and chemical-resistant “ball-in-socket” system to the photo and video studio as well as on the road. Dinkum Systems’ offering is quite a complete line of products and the system itself is extremely robust.