The ultimate colour grading plugin for Final Cut Pro X: CoreMelt Chromatic

Turning Final Cut Pro X into a grading application a la Da Vinci Resolve is what Chromatic, CoreMelt's latest plugin sets out to do. It succeeds pretty well by cramming a lot of functionality into this full-blown colour grading solution. It's the only plugin that delivers the ability to select colour ranges right in the clip viewer, but to appreciate its power to the fullest, a lowly iMac such as mine won’t do.


Painter 2018, the Wow! Factor revisited

Another year, another release of Corel Painter. The new version is packed with new features that guarantee jaw dropping awesomeness. There just seems no limit to Corel’s ambition to develop an application that is meant to create digital art that looks like the real thing. Combined with the newest Wacom Intuos Pro and its amazing natural feel, Painter 2018 is for digital artists to drool over.

Yanobox Mosaic converts footage into tiles

FxFactory has a new Yanobox plug-in that works with Final Cut Pro X, Premiere Pro and Motion. It’s called Mosaic and it turns your footage in dynamic mosaics. As with Nodes, Yanobox’s other plug-in, you’ll be creating a truly magnificent composite with Mosaic.

Kingluma Radiance Final Cut Pro X plug-in

The Kingluma Radiance plug-in is an FxFactory product that lets you add glows and rays as an effect and in transitions. Before trying out this plug-in, I had never realised you could have so many different variations in glow and ray effects!

Automatic Duck Xsend Motion sends your FCPX projects to Motion

xsend result in motion

Xsend to Motion solves a problem that has been bugging Final Cut users since Final Cut Pro X was first released. You can’t send a sequence or timeline to Motion, create a composite and replace your original clip with the composited one. For all of its power and XML savviness, Final Cut Pro X simply doesn’t support that out of the box. The people at Automatic Duck have now succeeded at developing an app that lets you do it anyway. It’s a huge step forward, but it’s not a seamless integration.

Turning a dull video dissolve into something sexy: Hawaiki Super Dissolve

Hawaiki Super Dissolve video transitions

Transitions are boring unless you spice them up with special effects. The trouble with special effects, however, is that they usually make you nauseous or are cheesy at best. Few movies made by professionals therefore use more than the two least spectacular transitions: the cut — the abrupt scene change — and the dissolve. Hawaiki has come up with a way to make dissolves — by far the most commonly used transition of them all — more interesting, sexy even. They’ve turned that into a Final Cut Pro X plugin: Super Dissolve.

Rampant Design’s 4K collection impresses

rampant design arrow

I reviewed Rampant Design’s stuff a couple of years ago, when 4K was still a dream. Today, Rampant Design has a huge collection of 2K, 4K and 5K clips that can be used as effects. I tried a large random selection, including the muzzle flashes and smoke. If you’re still working with HD, the Rampant Design’s effect clips are even more effective as they are fully scalable and can be transformed and moved around at will.