Make video elements really glow with Hawaiki Super Glow

Your average NLE’s built-in glow effects are a bit skinny. Taking Final Cut Pro X as an example, it’s actually not worth dragging the effect to the timeline. A plug-in like Red Giant’s Universe Glow doesn’t add a glow effect around the underlying footage elements; it’s completely independent and has its own merits and use, but it may not always be what you want. Hawaiki’s Super Glow, on the other hand, is a glow effect that “just” adds glow to underlying footage and does so with six “glow sources”. It offers complete control and the result can be simple but also complex.… Read More Make video elements really glow with Hawaiki Super Glow

FxFactory Paragraph Pop: review

If your video is a movie or a documentary on nature, you’ll probably never need to display titles or information snippets, but if you’re a vlogger or someone who creates video for TV programs — e.g. business presentations, urban reporting, human interest, etc. — it’s often a good idea to show information in textual form and for that we most often we use lower thirds or title plug-ins. Most such titles offer very limited space for text and if they do, they look boring and static. StupidRaisins’ Paragraph Pop takes care of all that.… Read More FxFactory Paragraph Pop: review

Luminar 4’s AI assistance is actually quite good

Luminar 4 is Skylum’s most AI-driven app until now. It has a plethora of features that no longer depend on your masking or layer blending skills without – much to my surprise – taking out the creativity completely. What Luminar 4 does help you with, is to automate the work that requires you to painstakingly draw selections and blend layers to correct luminosity errors.… Read More Luminar 4’s AI assistance is actually quite good

FxFactory Ripple Tools Complete 2 review

Ripple Tools Complete for Final Cut Pro X promises to give you a full set of effects, most of them based on the title concept of FCP X of which many are trackable. Many effects that you can buy in one plug-in are either so simple you can create them faster using Final Cut Pro X’s built-in tools or so cheesy it hurts your eyes. I’m happy to say neither is the case with Ripple Tools Complete.… Read More FxFactory Ripple Tools Complete 2 review

Affinity Publisher is an InDesign killer

Serif, the developers of Affinity Photo and Designer, last week released their much-anticipated publishing app, Affinity Publisher. The new layout design app comes with a good deal of unique and very clever features, including “StudioLink”, an integration system – that re-defines the adjective “seamless” – between Publisher and their Designer and Photo apps.… Read More Affinity Publisher is an InDesign killer