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Pro Color Monitor review

The developer of the Pro Color Monitor app has found a new use for false colour. He is correcting colour casts of footage and photos using whatever white there is in the shot, based on a false colour overlay frame that floats above your NLE or image editor.

Editor's Choice 2019 Video

Bitrate of GoPro’s HERO8 Black on par with pro ENG cameras

A year ago, GoPro introduced a very good smoothing algorithm designed to work as a digital six-axes gimbal, Hypersmooth. This year, the HERO8 Black tries much harder with Hypersmooth 2.0, Timewarp 2.0, digital lenses, presets, better night photography and more.


Aputure Amaran AL-MX videolamps throw impressive light, accurate colour

The size of a pack of cigarettes but a lot heavier; that was the first thought that came up my mind when I first got the Amaran AL-MX in my hands. Aputure’s smallest on-camera LED light throws 2400 lux at a distance of 30cm, 880 lux at 50cm and 200 lux at 1m, according to the specs. It does all this with a CRI/TLCI of well over 95 and colour temperatures of between 2800K and 6500K.


Painting with Liquitex Soft Body Acrylic paint on Hahnemühle Leonardo paper

My second and probably last review of physical art medium covers Liquitex Soft Body painting on Hahnemühle’s hot-pressed Leonardo watercolour paper. Liquitex Soft Body can be used as a pouring medium but can also behave as a watercolour medium by adding Flow-Aid to it, while Leonardo is a lush 600gsm watercolour medium that you can literally soak. Leonardo is hot pressed and has a very smooth, satin finish.

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Introduction to RGB and CMYK and when to use one or the other

RGB and CMYK are two colour modes that differ considerably in their approach towards colour reproduction. I explain how they differ and when you best use one or the other in this downloadable PDF.


Painting with Liquitex Acrylic Gouache on Hahnemühle Anniversary Edition Aquarelle

Producing visuals doesn’t always have to be digital. A lot of art and indeed, some graphics design, is still done the old-fashioned way – with paint on either canvas or paper. We tend to forget that modern art materials can just be as innovative as digital apps, tablets and computing platforms. And if you’re good enough to have your work on display in Tate Modern or other prestigious galleries, you’re bound to earn a lot more than what you can ever make from creating digital art.


Review: Corel Painter 2020

A new summer means a new Corel Painter. This year around, we’re welcoming Painter 2020. The new version is an improvement over the previous ones in many ways and it’s not just about new brushes. It’s principally about performance and interface design. And that’s a good thing.

Editor's Choice 2019 macOS Production

Affinity Publisher is an InDesign killer

Serif, the developers of Affinity Photo and Designer, last week released their much-anticipated publishing app, Affinity Publisher. The new layout design app comes with a good deal of unique and very clever features, including “StudioLink”, an integration system – that re-defines the adjective “seamless” – between Publisher and their Designer and Photo apps.

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Colour accuracy and power characterise Aputure’s Amaran AL-MW LED videolamp

A high CRI of >95 and a TLCI of >95, and the capability to produce up to 6000lux with 10 levels in-between. Reasons enough to take a closer look at the Aputure Amaran AL-MW.

iOS Reviews

Review of Affinity Designer for iPad

Affinity Designer for iPad is the much anticipated competitor of Adobe Illustrator on the iPad. It’s a well-designed port from Designer on the Mac in terms of power and capabilities, and of integration with the iOS environment.