Preparing your Atomos Master caddies for easier and quicker removal from a Shogun/Ninja Flame/Inferno

Atomos’ latest Ninja and Shogun monitor/recorders are pretty awesome, but if there’s one thing the company should work on it’s the way you have to remove your master caddies from the recorder. I can relate to the need for the caddy to sit really tight when recording, but they should be made in such a way that you don’t have to press so hard you risk damaging the top surface when trying to pry them from the unit.

Field experiences with a Sony A7S II

Sony A7S II with Zeiss lens

The Sony A7S II is a unique all-metal full-frame system camera. It has best-of-breed features for both photography and video. Its dramatic low-light capabilities — manually from ISO 50 to 409,600 — make low-light photography accessible to everyone. It has a 35mm equivalent full frame sensor in a package the size of a compact camera. And it does 4K XAVC video with Sony’s highly acclaimed S-Log 3 curve that allows for HDR colour grading.

Pro photographer wants Capture One Pro 9 for its metadata, Color Editor and local editing features

It’s almost a tradition. Around this time of the year Phase One releases its new version of Capture One. The newest version adds some important improvements in the realm of metadata and image management. In addition, it has two new processing engines and a whole bunch of new and improved editing tools. I took Capture One Pro 9 for a ride and it remains the top photo editor. Its new cataloguing capabilities are bound to be an extra trump card, although they stay behind those of dedicated apps like Photo Mechanic 5.

Check and correct Auto-Focus errors with LensAlign and FocusTune 4

LensAlign and FocusTune 4

Are you one hundred percent sure the Auto-Focus of your expensive lens/body is accurate? No improvement possible? I was surprised to find the opposite. Heck, I was surprised to see my expensive Zeiss Variogon 24-70 deviate from 100% sharpness even when I'm manually focussing. I wouldn't have known without the tools I'm reviewing today: LensAlign and FocusTune 4 from Michael Tapes Design. The combination of these tools allows you to check and correct for all types of focus errors. To benefit from it, you'll need a camera that at the very least has a lens you can focus. This includes dSLRs, system cameras, and video cameras capable of still images even.