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Powertraveller’s Condor 100 has an award-winning design and loads of power

Powertraveller sent me their latest power pack, the hefty Condor 100, a 27000mAh beast in a beautifully designed (award-winning) aluminium enclosure. The Condor 100 is an auto-sensing power unit that can handle 110V/220V mains electricity-driven equipment as well as 5V devices.


Falcon 40 solar panel charges your devices fast

Powertraveller’s Falcon 40 is a 40W foldable solar panel driven by high-efficiency monocrystalline SunPower cells. It’s meant to be used while you’re backpacking or otherwise active in the great outdoors and therefore very useful for documentary makers or video shooters who don’t stay in the direct vicinity of a grid. It’s splash-proof (IPX4) and has individually sealed off (silicon plug) output connectors – two USB (5V/3A Max) and one DC output (20V/2A).

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Cute Hahnel ProCube 2 cares for your camera batteries

The original ProCube was a nice looking cube that charged camera batteries, with a separate tray to charge four AA NiMh cells at a time. The new ProCube 2 is still a cute cube, but the battery holding system has changed and the unit shows more information on its LCD display.

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Powertraveller Falcon 21 solar panel review

Powertraveller has released its new line of solar panel chargers, the Falcon series. There are three panels in this series: Falcon 7, Falcon 21 and Falcon 40. Of these, only the Falcon 7 lacks some features, such as the ability to charge multiple devices at once. The company sent me its Falcon 21 panel for this review.


Panasonic BQ-CC65 flagship battery charger review

Panasonic BQ-CC65 flagship battery chargerPanasonic sent me their brand new flagship charger for AA and AAA NiMH cells, the BQ-CC65. The new charger is black, has a large LCD screen and several modes to get your batteries in pristine condition. The BQ-CC65 is the best charger to charge and recharge your Eneloop cells. The first […]