Review: Windows 7 Enterprise

Windows 7 has a comfortable, user-friendly interface. Its task bar supports previews with the ability to apply some small edits (e.g. to photos), and the 64-bit Enterprise edition comes with all the power you expect from an enterprise desktop client.


The virtualisation market explored

The economy is going slow, but slowly building momentum. This is the time CIOs should consider virtualization

VMware Fusion for Mac

Virtualization is a growing market. Virtual desktop software can save a company many thousands of dollars in management costs. One of the most important market players in this field is VMware, the developers of VMware Fusion, a virtualization software for Mac OS X.

Review: SiteGrinder 3, more a CMS than a Photoshop plug-in

If your web development is highly design orientated there are plenty of applications that will help creative workers in your team with creating a web site. Few applications exist that allow the design to be created in a true designers' application like Photoshop while still giving users all the tools they and you need to end up with a Content Management System (CMS) driven web site.

iDefrag 2 speeds up your system

Coriolis Systems is the British developer of iDefrag 2. Unique about their defragmentation product is that it is entirely dedicated to defragmentation. It is fast, reliable, and can defragment startup volumes without having to start the defragmentation process from a DVD or CD.

Little Snitch 2 network monitor

Even if you don't mind applications downloading updates and data behind your back, Little Snitch will continuously watch your network for outgoing connections that you are otherwise unaware of and warn you, so you can take actions. Privacy concerns could be reason enough to have Little Snitch running.

Art Text 2

Die-hard creative pros will create buttons, logos and icons in Illustrator or Photoshop. But for occasional jobs and quick but good results, Belight Software Art text 2 may fit the bill.

PersonalBrain 5.5 for Mac OS X

Originally, TheBrain developed PersonalBrain on Windows only. With version 4 a Mac OS X version was developed that looked very much like a Windows program. Version 5 and certainly version 5.5 still resemble a Windows program in many of their interface elements, but version 5.5 now does support iCal, Address Book and Apple Mail. The support enables drag and drop throughout the application.

Do the new features of Drive Genius 3 justify an upgrade?

Drive Genius 3 adds 64-bit support, DrivePulse monitoring, e-mail notifications and RAID support to Drive Genius' tool chest, and improves its defragmentation, repartitioning and block scanning algorithms. It's an impressive list of improvements, but do they justify an upgrade?