The Matias Tactile Pro keyboard

The Matias Tactile Pro keyboard is probably the most liked-by-professional-typists keyboard available for Macs. It's not inexpensive with a price of approx. 150.00 USD, but that amount of money buys you a keyboard built like a tank, with those tactile feedback delivering mechanical Alps switch keys.


Slammer guides web designers

With Slammer, designers can create grids for web pages or even interfaces. In that respect, it's even better than xScope. Slammer runs on Snow Leopard only.

DYMO LabelWriter 4XL

DYMO's LabelWriter brand is traditionally associated with office label printers, but the LabelWriter 4XL breaks with the tradition. It's DYMO's first shipping label printer. It's not meant to compete heads-on with Zebra printers, but is clearly targeting small to medium sized shipping departments.

LaunchBar 5 Review

With LaunchBar 5, you can avoid using a mouse in 95% of the cases and speed up your daily routine by a an order of magnitude. LaunchBar is one of the most respected, longest-in-service application launchers for Mac OS X. Version 5 has Snow Leopard compatibility, a clipboard history and ClipMerge, Quick Look support, and …

Foxtrot Professional Search review

CTM Development may be best known for their Powermail application, but the search technology used in Powermail drives their stand-alone search product Foxtrot Search. This desktop and local network search application is available in a personal and professional edition. I tested the professional edition.Foxtrot Professional Search enables you to create multiple indexes—e.g. one per volume—and …