Do the new features of Drive Genius 3 justify an upgrade?

Drive Genius 3 adds 64-bit support, DrivePulse monitoring, e-mail notifications and RAID support to Drive Genius' tool chest, and improves its defragmentation, repartitioning and block scanning algorithms. It's an impressive list of improvements, but do they justify an upgrade?


The big InDesign CS5 review

Most of the new features and improvements of InDesign CS5 are optimised for creative efficiency and effectivity. The biggest improvements are found in the area of cross-media production. Animations and rich-media do no longer require an extra effort in Illustrator, Flash, or Photoshop -- the basics can be managed within InDesign. What follows is a (new) feature-by-feature review. I did make a selection of the most important new features and improvements --about 90% is covered here.

Typinator 4 adds QuickSearch; it’s like Spotlight for text snippets, only faster

Ergonis Software announced the release and immediate availability of Typinator 4.0, a major leap forward in the evolution of text expanders. Typinator 4 introduces a new feature called "QuickSearch" that takes it to the next level. Instead of creating and remembering hundreds of cryptic abbreviations, you just type a keyboard shortcut and enter a few characters.

Sending files with iDropper

iDropper is a special FTP client for both Windows and Mac users. It enables you to distribute iDropper droplets to your clients who can then drop files onto the droplet and have these uploaded to your server. After the upload. the droplet will carry out some extra tasks that you define, such as filling in a web form, sending an e-mail message, and more.

Transmit 4 is faster, gorgeous

There aren't that many developers that succeed at creating jaw-dropping products. Some only succeed in the way their product looks, while others know how to place power in your hands, but leave it up to you to figure out how to use their software. Panic is the exception to the rule. Transmit 4 is both an extremely user-friendly and extremely powerful FTP client.

The Matias Tactile Pro keyboard

The Matias Tactile Pro keyboard is probably the most liked-by-professional-typists keyboard available for Macs. It's not inexpensive with a price of approx. 150.00 USD, but that amount of money buys you a keyboard built like a tank, with those tactile feedback delivering mechanical Alps switch keys.

DYMO LabelWriter 4XL

DYMO's LabelWriter brand is traditionally associated with office label printers, but the LabelWriter 4XL breaks with the tradition. It's DYMO's first shipping label printer. It's not meant to compete heads-on with Zebra printers, but is clearly targeting small to medium sized shipping departments.