Review: Tags for adding metadata to Mac OS X files

Tags 2 is an unobtrusive application that enables you to tag most Mac OS X files. It complies with the OpenMeta effort and lets you enrich all sorts of files with one-dimensional metadata. It also has its own Spotlight-like search feature.


Review: Philips LFH0652 Voice Tracer

The Philips Voice tracer LFH0652 may have a rather uninspiring name, but it's an excellent voice recorder for journalists, reporters and editors; in short, for everybody who writes and who wants to record interviews, presentations, trainings, and memos.

MailHub saves time interacting with Mail

MailHub is an add-on to Apple Mail. It is a plug-in that is meant to speed up your interaction with Mail, management of messages, in short: the performance of your Inbox. Initially I didn't see the difference between MailHub and Apple Mail's Rules, but after having used it for a couple of weeks, the difference is crystal clear: MailHub makes Mail a lot more efficient than you can ever make it by using Rules only. MailHub actually saves a lot of time and aggravation.

Flux 3 for all your online design?

With Flux 3 The Escapers have again raised the bar. Adobe won't mind; they have been doing their best to turn Dreamweaver into a strange amalgam of features of which some make you scratch your head, while others are truly useful and innovative. They should mind, though, as Flux 3 is not an amalgam. It's a structured online design application with a clear interface and feature set that will appeal to anyone designing for any type of online presence or publication.

Review: Unibrain FireWire 800 4-port Repeater/Hub

Unibrain is a global leader in the development of FireWire hardware and software solutions, and offers a complete line of FireWire products for a wide range of applications. We tested and reviewed their 4-port FireRepeater-800 PRO, a FireWire "hub" in black metal with video and sound equipment.

DeltaWalker compares files and folders

DeltaWalker compares text files and folders. It can do this with two files/folders or with three. DeltaWalker's file comparison extends to XML and PHP files as well as bare text files, as I could experience for myself. It's a Java application that works equally well on a Mac as on a Windows machine. It's one of the most clever designed comparison applications that I've ever seen.

Review: Addonics Portable Blu-Ray burner

Going by its name "Zebra Blu-Ray player/recorder", Addonics has wrapped an LG 10x Blu-Ray burner in an aluminium enclosure. At 195.00 Euros, the Zebra must be one of the cheapest Blu-Ray burners you can find, and with an eSATA port it can easily cope with the higher throughput speeds required by 10x speed Blu-Ray burning.

Suitcase Fusion 3 adds WebINK and font sample PNGs

Suitcase Fusion is probably one of the most stable and robust font management systems available. Version 3 has some new features that are bound to crush the competition. Suitcase Fusion has an integrated web fonts panel for Extensis' new WebINK service and some other new features for local fonts that designers will like.