Review: TextSoap 7

TextSoap has been the text cleaner of choice for many years. If you needed to quickly convert HTML into plain text or strip quotes from random sentences, TextSoap was the only application that was really up to the job. This application has now been upgraded to version 7, and it's an upgrade more than worth the price.


Review: MailTags, Mail Act-On and Mail Perspectives

To turn Apple's Mail into a time and contact management system, all you need is a copy of MailTags and Mail Act-On by Indev. If you also want to literally get different views of your mail, you'll also need Mail Perspectives by the same developer. Suddenly Mail becomes a power instrument to manage your tasks, projects, and contacts.

Review: Phile Audio

Phile Audio is a CD ripping and audio file encoding application that allows you to archive a CD collection fast. It is the only ripping application on the Mac that works with multiple CD drives simultaneously, supporting the fastest possible workflow. The software also enables you to import files directly into iTunes without the need for a separate step.

IntelliScanner SOHO Black, the smallest barcode scanner for business

Its Apparent is always developing new barcode products. A couple of years ago they came with the Scanabout, a USB-dock based Bluetooth barcode scanner, a couple of years before that, they had the PDF417 scanner (which I purchased and still use to full satisfaction today). Until a couple of weeks ago, their business barcode scanner was a ROV IntelliScanner SOHO. And now IntelliScanner has released a follow up for the ROV, which is tiny but sturdy.

Review: The Swiftpoint mouse

Swiftpoint Ltd. is a company in New Zealand. I for one don't associate New Zealand with innovations in the computer industry. Rather I think about the country in typical cliché fashion: New Zealand is that country with the lush green meadows, sheep, mountains, Maori sticking their tongue out and lots of tourism. Yet Swiftpoint may be the only company in the entire world that has the mouse right for all of us suffering (or about to) from RSI and Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. Oddly enough the Swiftpoint mouse is marketed as a notebook mouse and while it's actually smaller than the real rodent, it's a great mouse for desktop computing too.

Review: Scrivener 2, a serious writer’s tool

Scrivener 2.0 is an important upgrade of the number one writer’s tool for Mac users. It has numerous improvements and some new features, such as a template startup screen, better integration between corkboard, outliner and text mode, collections, page view, and the ability to publish to ePUB directly.

Review: Mathematica 8

About every year Wolfram Research releases a new version of its data processing and mathematical environment, Mathematica. And never are these upgrades skimpy, but this year, Wolfram has outdone itself. Mathematica 8 has reached a new height in ease-of-use, power and integration with the vast data source that lies hidden in Wolfram Alpha (Wolfram's own data search engine). Users can now enter commands in plain English, and the capabilities of Mathematica now extend further into the statistical, financial and image processing world than ever.

Review: Verbatim Store ‘n’ Go for Mac FW800/USB 3

Verbatim intros "design for Mac" and we review their stylish black portable drive "Store-n-Go" with FireWire 800 and USB 3 interfaces. Internally, the Verbatim Store-N-Go for Mac is home to a Toshiba 500GB 2.5 inch disk mechanism. Early next year, Verbatim will also ship these Mac portable disks in a 1TB configuration.

Review: LittleSnapper 1.6

After having reviewed Snagit, I wondered how LittleSnapper faired a good 8 months after my review of version 1. It turns out, LittleSnapper has been updated to version 1.6.x, gaining a number of new features since I reviewed the first release. LittleSnapper now comes very close to Snagit in some areas, and even improves on some Snagit functionality, but version 1.6.x still showed some erratic behaviour on my system.