Reason 9 for songs, soundtracks and orchestral music

Reason has always been about making music and innovative audio tools. With the new version, it becomes easier to create a masterpiece, even if you’ve never learned to read a note. Reason 9 has Players, easier access to editing modes and the ability to edit audio pitch. It comes with the popular Pulsar dual channel LFO — previously only available as a Rack Extension. It has more than 1000 new patches in the Reason Sounds library, including several new ones from sound designers.

Two EFI VUTEk LED printers installed at UK-based esp technologies group

Esp technologies group is adopting LED inkjet graphics printing with two investments into the latest superwide and wide format print technology from EFI earlier this year. The company purchased a 5-metre EFI VUTEk GS5500LXr Pro roll-to-roll LED printer and a 3.2-metre VUTEk GS3250LX Pro hybrid roll/flatbed LED printer. Specialising in providing a vast range of printed materials for […]

Meet Typinator 7’s lovely assistants

If you believe in automation on the Mac, Typinator 7 may be just the app you’re looking for. Ergonis has released its latest version of Typinator and the new version is better and easier than its predecessor by a large margin. Typinator 7 comes with assistants, interactive input fields and “Publications & Subscriptions”.

Panasonic Eneloop batteries and the BQ-CC16 charger overview

Users of an Apple wireless keyboard of the first generation know their Apple batteries will hold about 80% of their charge for often more than a year. There’s a rumour Apple AA batteries were really Eneloop cells with a different wrapper. Whatever the case, the original Eneloop has advanced over the years and is even better than the first generation.

Thermoforming printers: do more than just create POP displays

When you think of thermoforming prints you’re probably thinking about bas-relief prints, such as custom signs, packaging, P-O-P displays and vending panels. But a few days ago it dawned on me that you can actually do a lot more with a thermoforming printer. If you are active in a market where the customer doesn’t mind paying a premium for some manual craftsmanship, you can expand your business considerably beyond these traditional bas-reliefs.

Switcher Go for casual video streamers

Switcher Go is for spontaneous film making while out and about. With Switcher Go, Switcher Studio has made Facebook Live and YouTube very easy to use. Users only have to link their account once, then they can go straight into streaming from there on out.

What Typinator 6.x is capable of

Typinator is not just a simple text expander. It’s actually a bit more than simple. It’s a full-featured time saver. Here is an intro video to Typinator 6.x, but with version 7 on the way, we can expect even more power.