Live video capture of a GoPro HDMI stream to a Ninja

You have a GoPro HD Hero2 and an Atomos Ninja, a Cinedeck EX, or any other video field recorder that accepts a clean HDMI signal. Your GoPro HD Hero2 has a mini HDMI interface, but the user guide only refers to playing videos and photos to a TV set. It depends, but with a few tweaks here and there, it's possible.


Video gear: 6 pieces of equipment that support the high-quality approach with a minimalist camera

You can create high quality videos with low-cost camcorders, if only your 'peripheral' equipment is the best. When asked about the difference between a €300.00 Sony HDR-CX130 consumer HD video camera and a €1400.00 HVR-HD1000 HDV Shoulder Camcorder, a broadcast product manager of one of the two major broadcast equipment manufacturers once told me there are only two differences: guarantee and sound. With a camera labeled as "professional" the conditions on the guarantee are stricter, like repair within 24 hours. And sound should be better too, with support for XLR phantom-powered microphones, but that's it — nothing you can't get with equipment that's cheaper and more durable.

SilverFast 8: how to change a colour?

[expires off="2012-02-08 18:00:00"]NEW [/expires]With SilverFast 8 scanning software, it is easy to change one specific range of colours in an image. You use the Selective Colour Correction tool. I used this tool to change a book cover's main colour in less than 10 seconds. Scanning doesn't always need to be centered around photos or negatives. It can also be used for more creative purposes.

Why a photo scanner doesn’t need white balance

Your digital camera needs to be white balanced — actually, grey balanced would be more accurate. The reason is that the camera's whites, greys and blacks, should all be calibrated to a known neutral value. From there, the camera's electronics can figure out how other colors should be rendered. Scanners don't have that problem.

Creating a subclip in Final Cut Pro X

This video tip shows you how to create a sub clip from a larger videoclip in the Final Cut Pro X Event browser. It's simple and quick, but it's a completely different way of working than with traditional NLEs.