DxO Optics Pro 8 Elite review

Right on the heels of PhaseOne’s new Capture One Pro 7, DxO Labs released version 8 of DxO Optics Pro, their RAW converter and image editing app. DxO Optics Pro 8 is not as radically new as Capture One Pro 7, but it sure has enough new features and improvements to keep even the most demanding photographer happy. And all camera body and lens analysis driven, of course.… Read More DxO Optics Pro 8 Elite review

Capture One Pro 7 review

PhaseOne has upgraded Capture One Pro to a whole new application with an improved processing engine, an advanced Bayer Interpolation algorithm, and with integrated digital asset management. Further improvements include better noise reduction, a new lens setting for tilt-shift lenses, a new Clarity setting for adding punch to photos, new export formats, and more.… Read More Capture One Pro 7 review

Spyder4Elite monitor calibration review

There are three really important colour management companies in the world: X-Rite, Datacolor, and basICColor. Of these three, CX-Rite and Datacolor are multinational companies, while basICColor still is relatively small. All three make hardware and develop software. Spyder4Elite is Datacolor’s monitor calibration and profiling solution. It’s the one we’re discussing here.… Read More Spyder4Elite monitor calibration review

Do we still need to calibrate our monitor? Yes, we do. basICColor display 5.0.3 (review)

basICColor’s colour management products have been setting the standard for a long period of time. The company’s display 5 monitor calibration and profiling system is no exception. I tried basICColor display 5.0 right after installing my new iMac, and I could not get it to calibrate the monitor within a deltaE of less than 3.… Read More Do we still need to calibrate our monitor? Yes, we do. basICColor display 5.0.3 (review)