Wacom Intuos Pro Paper edition — Why sketching on paper and digitising “live” makes sense

wacom intuos pro paper edition

When I reviewed the Wacom Intuos Pro Paper edition in May, a question kept nagging in the back of my head: why would you want to draw or sketch a draft on a paper sheet that you clip onto a digitising tablet like the Intuos Pro Paper edition? I did a bit of testing myself and came to the following conclusions.


Introduction to Typinator’s capabilities

Typinator is more than just a text expander. You can also clean text with it, or apply a search and replace action on multiple terms at once. It integrates with KeyCue as well as providing its own search functionality for when you have a lot of abbreviations. And it supports Regular Expressions. While these aren't exactly easy to create, they make life so much easier once you have set them up.

Typinator’s Replace function explained

typinator 6.9

Here is a video that explains how Typinator's Replace function works. We are aware it's too small to see details. This is due to the design of the site. Please click on the IT Enquirer logo at the top left to go to the home page, where you'll find a large video that does show you the details.

Watch Ulysses 2.6’s integration with WordPress in action

Tomorrow a new version of Ulysses will have been made available. The update is free for existing customers. With v2.6, publishing a blog post on WordPress will be a matter of exporting directly from Ulysses. WordPress authors will be able to publish their texts with a few clicks on macOS and a few taps on iOS. They won't have to export as HTML (as I do) or Markdown and then paste the lot to the WordPress backend. Here's a screencast of how it works and what you can expect from it.

How good is your video camera slider at steady slow speeds? One simple way to find out

Rhino Motion mounting on the slider

What good is a video camera slider if it can’t provide rock-solid motion, with no vibrations? And if it does, what can you do about it? By accident I found out there are circumstances the Rhino slider EVO Carbon with its Motion motor creates footage that makes your zoomed-in subject look like a Parkinson patient. This …

The mysteries of bit depth and chroma subsampling

420 vs 422 subsampling

Colour depth or bit depth is either the number of bits used to define the colour of a single pixel in a bitmapped image or video frame buffer, or the number of bits used for each colour component of a single pixel. Chroma subsampling is the practice of encoding images by delivering a lower resolution for chroma (colour) information than for luma (lightness). The two combine into what your footage looks like when it has been freshly recorded.

Video editing: What is the difference between Film Emulation and Colour Grading

Colour grading is making sure your footage has the right white balance, the correct exposure and colour balance throughout. Film emulation belongs to the advanced form of colour grading: suggesting a time of day and/or a mood, an atmosphere. You start with the correction process, then move on to the creation of a mood. For Final Cut Pro X, you have two plug-ins that help with setting the mood, but that do not pretend to be colour grading tools. One is potentially faster to work with than the other.

Final Cut Pro X colour grading like the pros

ImpulZ negative to positive workflow

Do you colour grade footage by looking at your monitor? That is one way of doing it, but it’s not the most accurate or surefire way to ensure the viewers of your video will see the same colours. For colour grading to work across platforms and individual computers even, you need to start from a correct colour rendition. A professional’s video grading workflow therefore starts with colour correction. After this important first step you can start grading, which essentially means you’re creating a mood.

Studio lighting with… mood lights

avea used as studio light

A tight budget doesn’t go together well with studio lighting. An inexpensive but apparently viable alternative could very well be — hold on to your socks — to mount a couple of mood LED lights, provided you can control their solid colours using your iOS or Android device.

Eight tools for professional audio recording results for under 1K

NUGEN Audio Post Pack Visualizer

For any type of movie, audio quality is crucial. It doesn’t matter whether you need to record an interview or a concert, the sound must be as good as you can possibly get it. If people are asked about the difference between a professionally created video and the experiment of a dilettante, they invariably find the audio to be the deal breaker. Well recorded sound makes a good movie stand out. Good sound is even more important for videos meant to be played on Youtube or Vimeo.