How to avoid audio recorded ex-camera to drift from audio in-camera

If you record audio via an external recorder in order to replace the audio your camera captures, you’ll usually need some sort of a synchronisation tool. The simplest is using a clapper, with the second-best using Red Giant’s PluralEyes. But what if the audio your recorder captures drifts out of sync during recording? Why does that happen and how can you avoid it?


How well does a Rycote Softie Duo-Lyre Mount with Pistol Grip kill unwanted sound?

As UK-based Rycote is the industry-standard specialist in shock & wind protection for field production sound, I took their Softie Duo-Lyre Mount with pistol grip handle to the test with the Deity S-Mic 2. The microphone came with only a basic plastic mount that I suspected to transmit all the vibrations and bumps it could possibly suffer from common, daily usage.

7 steps to successful measuring of colour temperature of a speed light with the Illuminati light meter for iOS

The Illuminati light meter (links to review) is a Bluetooth light meter – in fact, it's the only Bluetooth one on the market so far – that you control through an app on an iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch. The app is also available on Android, but as I only have an iOS device I'm going to …

Introduction to Typinator’s capabilities

Typinator is more than just a text expander. You can also clean text with it, or apply a search and replace action on multiple terms at once. It integrates with KeyCue as well as providing its own search functionality for when you have a lot of abbreviations. And it supports Regular Expressions. While these aren't exactly easy to create, they make life so much easier once you have set them up.

Typinator’s Replace function explained

typinator 6.9

Here is a video that explains how Typinator's Replace function works. We are aware it's too small to see details. This is due to the design of the site. Please click on the IT Enquirer logo at the top left to go to the home page, where you'll find a large video that does show you the details.

Watch Ulysses 2.6’s integration with WordPress in action

Tomorrow a new version of Ulysses will have been made available. The update is free for existing customers. With v2.6, publishing a blog post on WordPress will be a matter of exporting directly from Ulysses. WordPress authors will be able to publish their texts with a few clicks on macOS and a few taps on iOS. They won't have to export as HTML (as I do) or Markdown and then paste the lot to the WordPress backend. Here's a screencast of how it works and what you can expect from it.

How good is your video camera slider at steady slow speeds? One simple way to find out

Rhino Motion mounting on the slider

What good is a video camera slider if it can’t provide rock-solid motion, with no vibrations? And if it does, what can you do about it? By accident I found out there are circumstances the Rhino slider EVO Carbon with its Motion motor creates footage that makes your zoomed-in subject look like a Parkinson patient. This …

The mysteries of bit depth and chroma subsampling

420 vs 422 subsampling

Colour depth or bit depth is either the number of bits used to define the colour of a single pixel in a bitmapped image or video frame buffer, or the number of bits used for each colour component of a single pixel. Chroma subsampling is the practice of encoding images by delivering a lower resolution for chroma (colour) information than for luma (lightness). The two combine into what your footage looks like when it has been freshly recorded.