basICColor print 5: automated, high-end profiling

In addition to new profiling algorithms, basICColor’s professional profiling software basICColor print now also directly connects to basICColor catch, the measuring software. In addition, it automatically corrects measurement data, lets you load custom illuminants for spectral profiling and delivers new gamut mapping strategies for perceptual rendering intent.

The Kodak NEXPRESS ZX press tackles books as well as luxury goods packaging

Kodak’s new NEXPRESS ZX3900 and NEXPRESS ZX3300 Digital Production Color Presses, its NEXPRESS Opaque White Dry Ink and the ‘Max Platform’, the next-generation NEXPRESS Color Platform have been on show at drupa 2016. Now the dust has settled it becomes clear Digital Print Service Providers (PSP) will benefit from Kodak's electrophotographic NEXPRESS portfolio, whether they're investing in a new press or upgrading an existing model.

Overview: Kodak INSITE Creative Workflow

Kodak’s INSITE Creative Workflow is a workflow automation system that targets brand owners and designers. It helps to solve problems such as a designer who is creating packaging that has to be translated into different SKUs, or print jobs that vary by geographical location or targeted content. Other tasks, such as creating, approving, and storing content for jobs with multiple variations can be daunting for brand owners and designers. Even worse, errors in created content can lead to double work, print delays and increased costs for a print production business.

EFI Fiery Navigator captures key production metrics

EFI's flagship product, Fiery DFE gets a new service to control and manage devices. Fiery Navigator is a service for proactive print operation control and device management. It is suitable for a broad range of users, from small printers to commercial print companies with numerous devices and multiple locations. Fiery Navigator will also serve well large retailers with hundred of locations. It captures key production metrics and enables the propagation of configurations across Fiery Driven devices.

Kodak PRINERGY Workflow 7.5

Kodak’s suite of print management software for end-to-end automation includes PRINERGY Workflow, INSITE PREPRESS Workflow and INSITE CREATIVE Workflow. The KODAK PRINERGY Platform reduces manual touch points, improves production planning, streamlines collaboration, on-line approvals and asset management, improves job status and tracking, and is compatible with virtually all press equipment and brands.

Fighting graffiti without killing the print

Graffiti and other such vandalism has been and continues to be a plague in most cities around the world. Different solutions exist to make the cleaning up of graffiti damaged prints easier without also affecting the print itself. Some solutions seem to be better for the environment and more resistant to aggressive cleaning than others.

Introduction to Typinator’s capabilities

Typinator is more than just a text expander. You can also clean text with it, or apply a search and replace action on multiple terms at once. It integrates with KeyCue as well as providing its own search functionality for when you have a lot of abbreviations. And it supports Regular Expressions. While these aren't exactly easy to create, they make life so much easier once you have set them up.

Typinator’s Replace function explained

typinator 6.9

Here is a video that explains how Typinator's Replace function works. We are aware it's too small to see details. This is due to the design of the site. Please click on the IT Enquirer logo at the top left to go to the home page, where you'll find a large video that does show you the details.