About the producer

My name is Erik Vlietinck. I am a J.D. who has been passionate about IT from before I graduated some 35 years ago and this website is a blog with – mainly – reviews of the latest products in the photography, audio and video markets. As much as I can, I also publish background articles and tutorials. I sincerely hope you will find information here that supports your job and passion.

I am always open to new writing assignments. If you want to know more about who I am, please visit my LinkedIn page and ask to Connect. A note: if you’re trying to sell, please don’t bother. I am a freelance and so far I have yet to meet a freelance writer who has become filthy rich with what he does, so chances are that, even if I’d be interested, I won’t have a budget to buy it anyway.

The content on Visuals Producer is free, but to make some money on the side, you can buy close to 100 sounds recorded with top-quality gear for use in video and other projects. They are 100% royalty-free with the one and only restriction being that you must not resell the collection.

If you have products that you want me to review, please do send me an email: editor [at] thecontentgame.com and I will seriously consider your ‘application’.