Erémos 648 — cinematic music piece

Erémos 648 is a cinematic ambient music piece that took me three months to compose. It has some meditative parts, but also and foremost, a storyline. The emotion I wanted to get across with this piece is what you feel after having lived in isolation for almost two years or 648 days.

This piece is ambient, at times dark ambient, but essentially it’s a cinematic piece as there’s a timeline and a storyline that drive it. Most of it has been created using digital synthesisers, aka plug-ins, to Logic Pro X. Some tracks are Orchestral Tools instruments, like from the Salu collection I reviewed which the link takes you to. One track that starts at about 17 minutes into the piece has been done using a recording of a home appliance heavily “synthesised” by a number of effects such as Polyverse Music’s Supermodal, FabFilter’s Volcano 3 and others.

So, without further ado, here is the Youtube version. There’s also a version at SoundCloud if you prefer.