Music and motion picture, regardless its format or distribution medium, go hand in glove – here are some tracks you might find appealing

Since the day the silent movie was replaced by “talkies”, and even before that, producers have alwaysused some kind of musical underscore. In our age, the “soundtrack” of some blockbuster movies is as important as the visual production itself. If I say “Blade Runner”, for example, I’m sure you’ll answer “Vangelis” and/or “Deckard’s Dream”.

That most people who are into Science Fiction know that “Deckard’s Dream” isn’t just a scene in the original Blade Runner blockbuster, but also a magnificent piece of synthesiser music by the late Vangelis, shouldn’t come as a surprise. Sound makes motion picture much more than just pictures in motion. It enables cinematic stories to reach true art status, as well as a full art experience. It’s a bit like opera but without the singing.

I have been dabbling in making music some time but never had the time to spend more than a few minutes in Logic now and then. That’s changed since my mother, the last member of my family, died in June 2021. Suddenly there was nobody else to care for anymore and with a declining number of writing and editing assignments came a growing pool of free time.

And so I started to take music making a bit more serious. I’m still learning and one of the tings I don’t know quite well is how to categorise what I post on SoundCloud and/or YouTube. By lack of a better idea, I called it ‘ambient’. A professional musician on a subreddit, though, told me my music is cinematic, probably best suited for sci-fi or darker movies.

I’ll take his word for it and, due to his other comments that made me glow with pride (for a second or two; I know I have a long way ahead of me if I ever want to earn the title “composer”), I feel strong enough to share with you my latest work. It’s posted on YouTube with some silly animations to go with because, well, it’s YouTube.

I hope you’ll listen to some of these and let me know in the comments what you think.

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