Analepsis – a classic / cinematic music piece I composed

Analepsis means an interrupted episode in for example a book, usually due to a jump back in time. Last year I lost someone very close I loved very much and who has been very important in my life. A few weeks ago I stumbled across a conversation with her while I was recording something else. It appeared I hadn’t turned off the mic.

That conversation was the reason why I composed Analepsis. It’s classical / cinematic music. It uses a large number of the Orchestral Tools sample collections I have reviewed so far. Orchestral Tools (link to review) samples are so good I have fallen in love with them.

For Analepsis, I used the following sample collections: Miroire, TIME Macro, Berlin Strings and Berlin Con Sordino Strings, Berlin Strings Special Bows 1 and 2, Berlin Woodwinds, Berlin Brass, Berlin Percussion, and Metropolis Ark zero.

Except for Orchestral Tools, I had 2 tracks with Moog Model 15 on them and the Glass Plucks and Spooky patches. I think you can easily make out which those are by listening to the music.

I used my preferred DAW, which is Logic Pro X on my old iMac mid-2017. With 33 tracks and a total of 5 effects, the machine had to work hard, which was audible by the sound of its spinning cooling fan.


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