Sound Devices announce A20-Nexus digital wireless receiver

Sound Devices just announced the A20-Nexus, a compact, expandable digital wireless receiver that is designed to serve as the hub of the Astral wireless range which also includes the A20-Mini and A20-RX.

A20-Nexus offers an industry-leading tuning range as well as NexLink integrated long distance remote control. The A20-Nexus is a true diversity digital wireless receiver and ships with eight channels. That number can be expanded via software to 12 or 16 channels for larger productions.

The A20-Nexus uses Sound Devices’ SpectraBand technology, the answer to frequency bands becoming increasingly less available as governments all over the world are auctioning them off to telecom operators, ISP’s and the military. The result is that less UHF frequencies are available for audio production, which in turn results in many wireless systems being available on a per country or region basis. Products working in one country may not be working in another.

SpectraBand, however, has a huge tuning range in the 470–1525 MHz frequency band, and an RF filtering capability that overcomes the problem associated with an ever increasing number of wireless microphones, transmitters and receivers, all used simultaneously.

The filters used for SpectraBand’s front end are SAW (Surface Acoustic Wave) filters, which are very resistant to strong frequencies in different bands that would otherwise interfere with wireless reception. The use of these filters give the A20-Nexus a very wide operating bandwidth that can be tuned to work at a great distance with a brick wall effect.

The receiver features NexLink long distance remote control of transmitters as well as integrated Real Time Spectrum Analysis (RTSA). Finally, the A20-Nexus can be controlled with a mobile phone or tablet via a web app, as well as with Power over Ethernet and audio via Dante.

The combination of features allows it to replace multiple devices in any RF professional’s wireless toolkit, and its svelte form factor makes it equally at home in a bag, on a sound cart, or taking up minimal space in a fixed install.


  • 8 Channels (Field expandable to 12 or 16 with additional software license)
  • SpectraBand Technology with 470–1525 MHz Tuning Range
  • NexLink long distance remote control of transmitters
  • Integrated real time spectrum analysis (RTSA)
  • GainForward eliminates the need for adjusting transmitter gain
  • Web app for remote control via phone/tablet control
  • Easily docked to any Sound Devices 8-series mixer-recorder via the A20-QuickDock

The A20-Nexus is available now from USD 14,495. For more information, please click here. For more information, please visit: