IK Multimedia launches UNO Sounds

If you have a UNO Synth or UNO Synth Pro, you’ll love UNO Sounds, IK Multimedia’s new one-stop shop for exploring all the new sounds they’ve curated for UNO Synth ProUNO Synth and UNO Drum synthesisers.

UNO Sounds runs sound collections from respected artists, DJs and designers and for UNO Drum, more vintage kits from legendary brands.

All UNO Sounds are free to registered users and you can download them from the IK Product Manager. You’re already using the Product Manager to update your firmware and new releases of software, and now, you can also download the specific editor for your UNO synth. The sounds are here too and you’re allowed to make them your own by editing them.

UNO Sounds will be updated with new collections as they become available, IK Multimedia says.