Capture One Live: real time collaboration on photo editing

Photographers working with clients or in a team will like Capture One Live. It’s a new service from the Capture One developers and it is easy as pie to set it up. With Capture One Live, clients can rate and colour code images with the photographer receiving their ratings instantly.

Here is how Capture One Live works: you set up an album in Capture One’s User Collections section and drag images to that album that you want to share. Then you click the Live button, set up a password and click the Start Sharing button and your photos appear on a webpage instantly. Copy the link and send it to your clients or team members and you’re set to collaborate on that album. In Capture One Pro, the images that are now set up for a live session have an icon in the bottom left.

The link stays live for seven days and everything that you do on either side of the connection is sent in real time — literally. So, if your client gives an image a star after they have double-clicked it in their browser to see it enlarged, you’ll get to see that star appear in your Capture One Pro 22 browser instantly. If you change anything to an image while the client is viewing the photos, they’ll get to see your edits instantly too.

On the client or team member side the actions are fairly limited, though. They can follow what you’re editing or adding when shooting images tethered, give star ratings, filter which images they want to see and give a photo a colour code like the ones you can give in Capture One Pro. When you add images to the Album, a large Download icon appears on the Live web page so your client or team member can keep on following what you do.

So, before you start it pays off to agree upon what colour codes will mean — for instance, will red mean a no-go or on the contrary a “hot” rating. I can see this being expanded into the ability to annotate images in a next version.

Capture One Live browser - review

If you close Capture One while the other side is still rating — or hasn’t started yet because of a time difference, for example — you must click the Resume Sharing button when you launch Capture One Pro the next time. You must resume sharing before the expiry date, of course. You cannot extend a Capture One Live session beyond its expiry date. If you need more time, you’ll have to set up a new session.

It all worked exemplary and I can see how this is an enormous boost to photographers’ work, especially those who are active in the fashion and commercials industries. And it’s really not expensive either at around 8 Euros/month.