Ulysses 25, a text editor refined

For its 25th version, Ulysses has a few minor improvements on the Mac, and some new stuff on iPadOS and iOS.

If you’re using Ulysses on an iPad or iPhone, you can now choose fonts from third-party font apps such as Creative Cloud or iFont installed on your device. Choosing your own font was possible on Macs since many versions ago, now it’s possible to synchronise Ulysses’s documents in looks as well.

On all platforms, the writing goal feature received a visual revamp. On iPadOS (and I guess on iOS as well), you can now even uncheck the days of the week you’re not writing! You can now also use a calendar to select your deadline.

The Ulysses share extension now works better and has a new look. The appearance of the library on an iPhone has been improved as well and you can now run Shortcuts actions directly from the share menu in Ulysses.

Finally, on iPadOS and iOS, if you’re using an external keyboard, you can now use the shortcuts ⌘+, ⌘- and ⌘0 to change the text size in the editor.