NUGEN Audio: Visualizer shows what your audio sounds like

NUGEN AudioVisualizer is an audio analysis tool that provides detailed information and a high degree of customisation with every view individually selectable and customisable. Visualizer contains a level meter, spectrum analyser, stereo spectrum analyser, spectrogram, stereo spectrogram, vectorscope, correlation by frequency meter, and correlation meter. It also has the ability to compare two different sources in side-by-side views.

Visualizer shows peaks and RMS in a combined meter that you can view on its own or — as with all other modules — side-by-side with the other loudness measurements it allows for.

The plugin is very easy to use. For example, the other day I wanted to check whether copying an AIFF file three or four times could perhaps have had an adverse effect on its audio content. After I took the two external drives that held the music piece that was supposed to be identical, I did this:

  • With both drives’ audio file added each to its own channel in Logic Pro X, I used NUGEN Audio’s Send plugin on the first track and Visualizer on the second;
  • I started playing the audio with the track that held Visualizer the active one;
  • I clicked on the views I wanted to see — the spectrogram and level meter in the Visualizer plugin;
  • Then I clicked the Compare button in the toolbar area and selected the Send plugin from the popup menu next to it.

Both tracks now showed in Visualizer.

The level meter showed the “other” track as a ghosted overlay and I could now run the spectrogram of each track side-by-side in its own space. As you do this, you can drag the resize handle of the plugin to get a good, big enough overview and click on the plus buttons next to each view button to solo the spectrogram or the level meters.

To my liking, the fallback of the spectrum analyser and spectrogram areas was too fast by default, but that’s not a problem as you can click the arrow button next to each view switch and customise all the settings, including the fallback speed in the view’s settings slide-out sheet.