Cubbit gains expandability, stability

I reviewed Cubbit not that long ago. It’s a private cloud server solution that is being rolled out as we speak, developed by an Italian group of developers and backed by heavyweights such as Barclays, the EU Commission, Accenture and others. Cubbit’s team announced an important next step in the development of the system: expansion and stability.

Cubbit is based on a zero-knowledge, distributed architecture, is powered by peer-to-peer, user-owned Cells that together form “The Swarm”. It’s still in a beta phase and development progress wasn’t going at light speed. The related Reddit group lists a few people who threatened to jump ship months ago as they had big expectations unfulfilled which, in my opinion (which I also stated in the Reddit group), is unrealistic if you consider the challenges.

Major stumble blocks for these people were that the expansion capabilities promised in the Kickstarter campaign didn’t realise over the past year. Well, they’re here now.

From now on, every Cell owner can connect a storage drive to their Cubbit Cell using the USB port to increase their available cloud space. Because Cubbit relies on a sort of secured Torrent model (read the review if you’re interested; it’s all explained in that article), for each Terabyte of storage space you connect, the cloud space increases by half that value, up to a maximum of +3TB.

For example, if you have a 1TB Cell and you connect a 4TB hard disk drive, your total cloud space will be 1TB (Cell) +2TB (disk drive) = 3TB in total.

The other expansion that’s been realised is that each Cubbit Cell can be shared by four different, independent accounts. This turns Cubbit into a great solution for families or workgroups.

In my ongoing testing of the Cubbit concept, I have also noticed the software has become much more stable and dependable as of late. At first, it was also often very slow to the point of frustration; that too has been remedied with the latest updates and uploads as well as downloads are now quite zippy.

Black Friday

My press contact at Cubbit told me they’re going to have some great offers in store for all those who haven’t bought a Cell yet, one of which would be a super bundle in collaboration with Samsung.

For more on Cubbit’s Black Friday offers: Just click here and leave your email.

DISCLAIMER: I am not paid to write about Cubbit, nor do I gain from you buying a Cubbit product.