Ulysses 24.2 is coming on the heels of macOS 12 “Monterey”

Yesterday I downloaded the beta version of Ulysses 24.2 and it improves a number of things, as well as introduces a few new features as well. First and foremost, though, I just got confirmation that it will be released on Monday, October 25, together with macOS Monterey. That’s also when two of the new features that I couldn’t try out become available.

In macOS Monterey, Apple is introducing the Shortcuts app to the Mac. Originally an iOS and iPadOS feature, Shortcuts allows you to create what I’d call very simple macros — or very simple Automation scripts — to get things done with one tap or keystroke instead of several. Ulysses has been integrated with the iOS Shortcuts for some time now, but from Monday on it will now also be available on your Mac.

As I’m not using Shortcuts on iOS and won’t be upgrading to Monterey for quite some time to come, as I don’t like my audio editing apps not working properly, I can’t say whether existing Shortcuts on iOS will work unaltered on the Mac, but if they do, it means you can just use the Ulysses ones cross-platform.

Another Monterey only feature that is new, is that you can now link Ulysses sheets from the new Quick Note feature. You will be able to add a link to the current Ulysses sheet to a Quick Note. It will works just like adding a web link to a Quick Note when using Safari, and is available on iPad and Mac.

What I did try out and found very well implemented is the brand-new markdown bar at the bottom of the editor. It’s invisible until you start typing some markdown symbol like an asterisk or a pound sign. The bar will pop up and offer you all the possible combinations. You can also opt to leave the markdown bar visible at all times or never to pop up.

As I predicted in my last update on Ulysses, the ability to update already edited blog entries would soon be available for all supported platforms and Monday sees Micro.blog publishing added to the list. You can now update previously published Microblog posts from within Ulysses.

The developers have also renamed some markup tags to improve clarity, improved the flow for unlocking Ulysses’ password protection with Touch ID or Apple Watch, and Quick Look sheet previews in Finder and Spotlight now look much better. Finally, they added the keyboard shortcut Command-D to duplicate sheets or groups.

Ulysses is available from the Apple App Store and it’s my favoured markdown editor.