PDFpen Pro 13 review

PDFpenPro 13 has been released and it looks better than ever. Version 13 has a new UI design with a better organised Toolbar that adds the essential markup tools and an Editing Bar that adds a text formatting section and colour controls. Other look and feel improvements include modernised icons, and more.

One of the more interesting improvements in PDFpenPro 13 is the enhanced Highlighting feature. You can select anything from customisable coloured highlights to underlines in a submenu right from the toolbar. Changing the colours you use for highlighting is easy and it ensures you’re using the colours you know to draw your attention.

PDFpen Pro 13 review

MRC (Mixed raster content) compression is a method for compressing images that contain both binary-compressible text and continuous-tone components. It uses image segmentation methods to improve the level of compression and the quality of the rendered image. By separating the image into components with different compressibility characteristics, the most efficient and accurate compression algorithm for each component can be applied.

This type of compression was available in PDFpenPro and can now be customised in five steps from best quality to best compression. Those fives steps give you precious flexibility in controlling file sizes of bulky scanned documents during OCR.

With PDFpenPro, you could always create a Table of Contents. This feature has been improved in version 13. You cannot only create different levels and drag levels out or in as required, but also replace and reorganise existing TOC entries in version 13.

It means you can now quickly go through a document without a TOC, set up one with all — final or draft — entries on the same level, drag the entries to their correct level afterwards and replace the draft ones. It speeds up this tedious process enormously and, as most PDFs you download from the Internet lack a TOC, for the first time makes it efficient to add one, improving getting knowledge out of these documents.

Minor improvements include using “Insert Blank Page Again” to bypass the stationery selector, hide the Sidebar with a click of a button, view highlights in colours in the Sidebar, and yet other enhancements.

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