MOZA’s Slypod Pro is on Kickstarter

Slypod Pro is a motorised monopod that is also a slider and a jib

MOZA announces the launch of the Slypod Pro, the first ever electronically adjustable monopod.
MOZA ’s Slypod Pro is an innovative technological update to the monopod. Now, you can electronically change the length of a monopod using the built-in controls or a smartphone. But there’s more to the Slypod than meets the eye. This new motorised monopod combines the sliding movement of a slider, the lifting movement of a jib arm, and the MOZA Master App for precise motion control.

The motorised power of the Slypod Pro enables users to capture smooth transition effects with an extension maximum of 1.5 times its length to push the camera towards a subject. The Slypod Pro also has a new folding tripod base which is strong enough to handle angles up to 60 degrees for photos and videos.
MOZA says the Slypod Pro is an affordable way for a filmmaker of any level to achieve professional results.

Currently, the Slypod Pro is available on Kickstarter.
What makes the Slypod Pro better than any “normal” monopod is that it is a 3-in-1 device that combines a motorised slider, a fully adjustable jib arm and programmable motion control. This not only saves space and weight, but also opens up new creative possibilities, such as dynamic time lapses. Imagine doing an interview with a monopod mounted horizontally on a larger tripod and doing double-duty as a slider — everything goes with this new device.

The Slypod Pro allows for smooth motion at a very slow speed of 0.5cm per second from any angle. It can extend out to 530mm for a total length of 1180mm, which is more than enough for most purposes. With a bit of imagination on the part of the operator, the Slypod Pro can also be used as a jib.

Motion control is possible with controls right on the monopod itself, but it really becomes poerful when you use the MOZA Master App. The Master app works with a smartphone or tablet and gives you total control of the monopod to perform precise movements at variable speeds and pre-program movements.

The Slypod Pro is durable and robust but made for portability. With a rigid carbon fibre body and a three-legged support, it works on any surface. The monopod collapses to a compact size that is lightweight, easy to carry, and fit for taking with you in a backpack.

SlyPod Pro supports most mainstream entry-level or pro-level photo and video cameras and other camera accessories for versatility and professional results. In short, the Slypod Pro gives users features normally found in high-end photography gear, in a compact, portable and affordable option.

It is available now on Kickstarter with special pricing for early adopters. To learn more, visit the campaign here.