Rogue Soft Silver Reflector review

Rogue‘s soft silver reflectors are robust, foldable reflectors with a silver coloured side and a neutral white side. There are two sizes of the round reflectors and one rectangular one. The reflectors come in a handy bag. The quality of build of these reflectors is amazing. I have had the smallest one for about eight years and I got it torn only because I wasn’t careful near to a sharp corner of a metal cupboard.

With Rogue’s reflectors you can create softer fill light and avoid hot spots in your fill light with the Rogue 2-in-1 Super Soft Silver collapsible reflectors. These reflectors give a more pleasing result and can therefore be used more often than shiny silver reflectors because they produce a softer, more pleasing and less directional light. You’ll use them most often with speedlights or on-camera flash, but I found the reflectors also very efficient with continuous lights, especially with smaller bright light sources like the Aputure AL-MW, for example. The reflector helps to create a more diffuse light when used with those point light sources.

An added benefit of the three reflectors is that they collapse to a 30cm (12in) diameter for easily stowing in a gear bag. The collapsing itself sometimes is a hilarious affair if you forget how to do it properly, as you may then find yourself struggling to fold them — especially the largest one.

The silver side is great for diffuse light with a colder colour temperature, but if you’re after a neutral white reflection, then the opposite side is what you’ll use. The white on the Rogue reflectors is a natural white, which means the fabric hasn’t been treated with optical brighteners. Optical brighteners make a white surface look more white — snowy white — to our eyes. However, it’s easy to fool the human eye when it comes to colour accuracy and optical brighteners are proof of point: they really don’t do anything else but create a blue tint. That is because the chemicals used reflect the blue light more efficiently than red, yellow, and green light, producing an unwanted bluish tint in your images.

When my old Rogue reflector got damaged, it was because I didn’t take care enough to avoid a very sharp corner, but even then the coating on both sides of the reflector was still in pristine condition, even after many times collapsing and opening it up.

That is because the people at Rogue insist on applying a thick coating of their Super Soft Silver to a heavier base fabric and have it stitched to the spring steel frame with a heavier grade spandex. And that’s how they are better suited to hold up over time.