Ulysses 22 text and Markdown editor, ever more power in your writing hands

The people at Ulysses have done it again: they updated, or rather upgraded, one of the very best text and markdown editors available on the Mac platform. If you ever doubted if a subscription licence can actually work out well for the user, the Ulysses subscription is an exception worth mentioning. This app, on a very regular basis, gets many useful and desirable features and is as bug free as an app can be.

Ulysses 22 has a very, very exciting new feature: a WordPress update capability. This works with content that you originally posted using Ulysses 22 and later and when you’ve upgraded your copy of Ulysses, you’ll be updating just for the heck of it.

First things first: the original publishing system was very nice, but the Ulysses 22 WordPress publishing functionality leaves the previous version far behind. The publishing dialogue sheet offers more options than the old one and you no longer have to drop an image in the Attachments panel in order to upload a Featured Image. That image can now be added right there, in the publishing sheet.

It could be my imagination, but I also had the impression the publishing process itself takes less time. Once your piece has been uploaded to the WP server, you can now update it right from within Ulysses. Now, I had the Ulysses beta to play with and I expected this part in particular not to function well as it seems pretty complicated to do, in my opinion, but when I tried it by editing some text, everything went as expected; the publishing sheet’s “Publish” button changed to “Update” and once you click that, you’re done.

So that made me think, what if you decide to remove the featured image, perhaps to change to another one? Well, I just removed it and left the image well empty, and lo and behold, the Featured Image was gone in WP.com as well. It still was available in WP’s Media manager, though, which is what you’d want.

Never happy if I haven’t tried everything, I decided to trash the piece and see what would happen if I decided to update it anyway and change my mind about throwing it in the bin. Surely that would mess things up a bit. No such terrible things happened. Ulysses let me update the piece and un-trashed it for me on the WP server.

That’s not all the new version allows you to do. You can now also publish to Micro.blog and that works just as brilliantly as it does with Medium and WordPress.

Some people will think I’m focusing on details, but I’ve long ago asked if it would be possible to have my group icons coloured as that helps them stand out a bit more. And yep, there they are, in all their glory.: colour your group icons in the library.

One thing I’ve never thought about because I’m used to working with Markdown and most editors don’t give a hoot about the size of your headings, but there they are now: custom headline sizes which are already part of a new D22 theme — and you can customise your own, of course.

In iOS, Ulysses has new refinements as well. There’s a new sheet button to create sheets from the library and the sheet list is now much more efficient. Scroll restoration lets you switch between sheets, and Ulysses will now remember your last scroll position. Plus, on iPad you get the new setting “Persistent editor.”

Finally, back on macOS, the markup and navigation panels got an all-new feel. For example, you can now type to filter. Quick export was touched as well.

In short, some subscription licences do work out very well…