Powertraveller Merlin 75PD power pack review

Powertraveller’s Merlin 75PD is a power pack that sits behind the most powerful Condor 100 and the slimline Phoenix 90 in the new Powertraveller product range. It’s a slim, relatively small power pack designed more or less like a flashlight.

The Merlin 75PD is a power pack with 20000Ah/72Wh specifications. It comes in the same attractive and efficient design style as the Condor 100, Phoenix 90 and Solar Adventurer II. It’s made of aluminium, waterproof and dust proof (to IP65 Rating) and has one USB-C input/output rated at 5V/3A, 9V/3A, 12V/2.5A, 15V/3A, and 20V/2.25A PD 45W. There’s also one USB output port rated at 5-6V/3A, 6-9V/2A, 9-12V/1.5A QC3.0 45W. A 4-LED battery charge indicator completes the Merlin 75PD. The box includes a USB-C cable.

powertraveller merlin 75pd power pack review

The Merlin is lightweight at 340g. It charges in five hours starting from approx. 25% power left to 75%. I used a Powertraveller Falcon 40 solar panel under a bleak winter sun, so that’s quite fast, given that the sun isn’t as powerful during winter as it is in summer. As with most, if not all, Powertraveller devices, you can charge the unit while it’s powering equipment.

Laptop owners will recharge their devices only once with the Merlin 75PD, but smartphone, sat phone, and tablet owners will enjoy a higher number of charges on one fully charged Merlin. If you own a PD laptop, the USB-C PD protocol allows for more flexible and faster charging of devices, but you do need specific controller chips in the cable to support PD. I couldn’t tell if the companion USB-C cable in the box is such a cable, but your PD laptop probably will come with one.

Of course, the Merlin 75PD has a hole to route a lanyard through, although there isn’t one in the box.

Although I liked the Merlin 75PD very much and it fits a niche of laptops that are rated less than 40W, there’s one thing that I found a pity. It doesn’t come with any sort of USB to power tip cable. That’s criticism I have with all Powertraveller’s products these days. I know that most devices these days are rechargeable via USB-C but what with people who want to use these power packs with, for example, medium-sized video or photo lights, such as the Vibesta Peragos disks?

Still, the Merlin 75PD is excellent value for its price of 95 GBP and is available directly from Powertraveller’s website.