Agenda, the fully featured note taking app for Macs introduces Tables within notes

The release version of Agenda 12 will launch on January 19 and, as usual, will have support its users have expressed a need or desire for. This time it’s one of the most requested features that will be added: tables.
The app will allow you to insert tables into notes on the three platforms it runs on — macOS, iPadOS and iOS. As a beta user, I have seen it working already and I can tell you that it’s very nicely implemented.

The nicely designed interface for tables lets you adjust the number of rows and columns, add text to each cell, format that text and sync the table everywhere via iCloud or Dropbox. There is even support for multiple paragraphs in a single cell. Notes with tables can be printed, exported, and shared with others, although exporting to MakrDown does not “translate” the tables in your note to a markdown table formatting.

The Tables feature is available for free to all Agenda users, but if you have a premium subscription, you’ll get the additional ability to change the alignment of text in each column. By default, all text is left aligned.

Agenda is the first note taking desktop app for the Mac that I know of that is supporting tables. It’s a great addition to an already great application. Bear will be the next app to support tables. Bear being a markdown editor, its tables will automatically be saved as markdown tables, but the Bear editor that enables these tables is still in alpha (it’s called Panda and is a stripped down version of the Bear app).

Agenda subscriptions cost €38.99. Agenda is available for macOS 10.12 or later, iOS 11 or later, and iPadOS 13. It can be downloaded via the Mac App Store or, and through the iOS App Store.