Powertraveller Solar Adventurer II, cute but as powerful as Odin

Powertraveller keeps on releasing innovative power packs with a user-friendly and gorgeous design. The Solar Adventurer II is their latest power pack with integrated solar panels. It’s a small-sized 10,000mAh/37Wh battery pack with great features and a lovely, yet unobtrusive, design. I tested it and it has the typical excellent quality I’m used to from Powertraveller as it works like a charm.

The Solar Adventurer II is aimed at people who want to charge devices with a modest appetite for electrical power such as smartphones, sat phones, tablets and C PD type laptops. It’s IP65 certified, which means it’s dust tight and waterjet proof (check Wikipedia to see the actual meaning) and it delivers 5V/3A, 9V/3A and 12V/1.5A PD at 18W maximum. The USB-A output supports Quick Charge 3.0.

The USB-C Power Delivery (C PD) protocol is a specification that allows for more flexible and faster charging of devices, but you do need specific controller chips in the cable that support PD. I couldn’t tell if the companion USB-C cable in the box is such a cable, but your PD laptop probably will come with one.

The Solar Adventurer II is about the size of a larger smartphone, but thicker. It’s also quite heavy. It has a lid that opens up to reveal two last-generation solar panels. These are capable of recharging an almost completely depleted unit in some four to six hours, depending on the sunlight that’s available. I tested it under an early November sun and it matched that claim pretty well.

During my test I also found out you can position the lid, which houses the top solar panel, in any angle you like, but there’s also the ability to open the lid to a 180 degrees position — it even “clicks” when you open it that far — so you end up with a flat surface across the two panels.

Two of the unit’s rounded corners have holes that you can route a lanyard through, while the lid also has a small round-corner handle that serves as the routing slot for a velcro strip that helps the unit to stay firmly closed when it’s not recharging. By the way, you can charge the unit while it’s powering equipment.

It’s perhaps a silly way to describe a power pack, but the Solar Adventurer II is a cute device. It’s the kind of battery pack you can quickly toss in a backpack but just as easily keep in the pocket of a winter coat. If it weren’t that heavy and thick, it would probably even fit a trekking shirt pocket.

As for the usefulness of the Solar Adventurer II, my iPad Air 2 recharged fully and consumed about 70 to 75 percent of a full charge. That means that, if you recharge your tablet in the morning, you can recharge again in the evening — provided there’s enough sunshine, of course.

Solar Adventurer II retails for 74 GBP and is available directly from Powertraveller’s website.