Barcode Studio 16 is an important upgrade

We reviewed Barcode Studio 15.x two months or so ago and one of our criticisms was that the app wasn’t Retina ready. Well, version 16 has now been released and guess what? It’s been fully upscaled to Retina resolution and that’s not all. Barcode Studio 16 also supports macOS dark mode. It’s a paid upgrade so you can imagine there are improvements to the actual barcode creation functionality as well.

The first new feature besides the macOS interface update and the obligatory fixes is that Barcode Studio’s data assistant now fully supports vCard 3.0.

The QR Code mask pattern selection algorithm has been updated to the QR Code standard from 2015 (see ISO/IEC 18004:2015). I tried to create a QR Code with a gradient and it worked like a charm.

Barcode Studio now implements DotCode revision 4.0 (see AIM International Symbology Specification DotCode Rev. 4.0). DotCode was introduced in 2009 and is a unique, variable size, variable shape, matrix (2-D) symbology, specifically designed for high-speed marking applications where alignment or connection of individual dots can be difficult.

The revised version 4.0 DotCode spec defines a set of expanded symbology specific print quality verification parameters based on a scale of 1/10th of a point where previously the scale was one point. Most importantly, the new specification defines a revised encoding algorithm to prevent rare but significantly flawed dot patterns that could have been produced under the original DotCode encoder.

Other fixes and updates include the naming of the Australia Post barcodes to have been updated to the latest specifications. For PDF417, the default character set is now Latin-1 (ISO 8859-1). For EPS export, the Font Substitution feature can now use the font size from the barcode design view by choosing Default. There are more fixes like these that bring Barcode Studio to the top of the barcode creation apps list once more.

Stand-alone apps like Barcode Studio are superior to plug-ins as they offer a lot more functionality and designers who need to be able to create barcodes in their design can offer their customers a complete service that includes compliance with any existing barcode standard.

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